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1 Porto di Carrara
2 Marina di Carrara
3 Dogana (Luni)
4 Marinella di Sarzana
5 Area Archeologica di Luni
6 Foce del Fiume Magra
7 Punta Bianca
8 Fiumaretta di Ameglia
9 Monastero Santa Croce
10 Cima Terroni (Batteria Generale Chiodo), 261m
11 Montemarcello
12 Fiume Magra
13 Monte Murlo, 362m
14 Ameglia
15 Monte Rocchetta, 412m
16 Isola di Palmaria
17 Monte Branzi, 359m
18 Portovenere
19 Monte Muzzerone (Forte del Muzzerone), 326m
20 Punta del Varignano
21 Le Grazie
22 Monte Castellana (Forte Castellana), 507m
23 Romito Magra
24 Cerri
25 Campiglia
26 Trebiano Magra
27 Monte Santa Croce,541m (pano 28047)
28 Biassa
29 Forte Bramapane
31 Arcola
32 Monte Verrugoli, 749m
33 Monte Capri, 786m
34 Monte Malpertuso, 815m
35 Vezzano Superiore
36 Vezzano Inferiore
37 Follo Alto
38 Monte San Nicolao, 847m
39 Tivegna
40 Alpe di Maissana, 1095m


Aufnahmestandort: Fosdinovo      Fotografiert von: Giuseppe Marzulli
Gebiet: Italy      Datum: 27 June 2020
From Forte Bastione (pano 27716) no particular panorama is seen, because the vegetation is too dense, but nearby there is a restaurant from where it is possible to understand the view that was from the Fortress.


That's really an amazing view and beautiful panorama ... a pity that I haven't visit this place during my trip in autumn 2017, even though I was close by ... but that's the advantage of being a connoisseur, dear Giuseppe ;-) !!!

Un caro saluto a te, Hans-Jörg
05.07.2020 17:44 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
Great view. Is the restaurant open again? Cheers, Martin
05.07.2020 20:40 , Martin Kraus
@Hans-Jörg: you can always return ;-)
It is not too difficult to find panoramic points to photograph this area. The "Al Falco" restaurant is still an excellent point. The main problem is finding good visibility. On the best days, Corsica is also visible.
@Martin: restaurants in Italy have been open regularly for more than a month. Some rules must be followed, which in Italy many restaurants do not respect ;-)
But in Tuscany they are quite rigid.
05.07.2020 23:58 , Giuseppe Marzulli

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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