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1 Jurauraju, 5335
2 Yantauri, 5455
3 Rasac, 6017
4 Sarapo, 6127
5 Siula Grande, 6344
6 Carnicero, 5960
7 Jurau, 5674
8 Trapecio, 5644
9 Cerro Huaracacoc, 5065
10 Portezuelo de Huayhuash, 4780
11 Kuajadajanca, 5427
12 Cordillera Raura
13 Trapecio Punta, 5010
14 Sueroraju, 5442
15 Piscanturpa, 5447
16 No name!!
17 Cuyoc (Puscanturpa Sur), 5550
18 Cerro Mitopunta, 5571


Location: Summit above Trapecio Punta (5160 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Peru      Date: 02-08-2019
Trapecio Punta is considered the adventure variant of the Portezuelo de Huayhuash: just because it is higher, 5010 m in place of 4780, but no particular difficulty. From the pass, as usual, I went for some nearby summit in order to collect a panorama and, to my surprise, I was followed by a Canadian guy whom I had met at the pass. But, even more to my surprise, he was pushing up not for panoramic reasons, but because he wanted to try an adventure descent to Cutatambo, skirting the glacier SW of the Jurau-Carnicero-Siula barrier. I decided to go with him: it was not boring at all, since every time that we descended some sleek rock step (you know those rocks recently abandoned by glaciers) a new one appeared, and with it a new question, whether it would be accessible or not. But at the end we were down, at the magical point where the appearance of cow dung announced beyond any chance of mistake the end of difficulties. Little above Juraucocha we departed: he wanted to head down for Cutatambo, while I planned to head up the Quebrada Sarapococha in order to climb, the following day, the Cerro Gran Vista. This was my own adventure variant on the adventure variant started at the adventure variant pass; however, all this was only a rehearsal for what was awaiting me the next days. Namely, from the Cerro I sighted and studied (also with the help of the Zeiss lens of the camera) the remote Rasac pass, defended by a glacier that, to both Carl Zeiss and me, from that viewpoint seemed quiet and easy to go. It would turn out to be irregular and crevassed, such that I needed to stick and cling to unbelievable scree slopes on the opposite side - but the Rasac adventure will be the subject of future panoramas.
After the last two passes, Sambuya and Rondoy, I was back on the road by which I had reached Huayhuash by bicycle, a few kilometres form the bicycle itself. On the road I met two young, modern and extremely informed people who told me "We are of course going for the Huayhuash circuit, but for the Alpine one, not for the normal one". "Ah", I answered with deep admiration. "And which circuit did you do?" they inquired. "Well, have some suspicion, but I really don't know".
So, I learnt at the end of the comedy that there is also an official Alpine circuit. I suspect that it has very much to do with mine, also because my Canadian one-day-companion was insistently inquiring if I had any intention on Rasac Punta - but actually I didn't, simply because at the time it was unknown to me, not being even mentioned in my very basic cycling-trekking guide of the Cordilleras. And, even subsequently, I have never made any research about established alternative Huayhuash circuits. I am very proud of my tour invented step by step, and I do not feel the need to know if it had already been catalogued in the thousands of web pages and/or blogs that fill (plague?) our world: a world where even the chance of discovery seems to have disappeared.

Position: -10.345534 -76.875923


absolutly genious!
2020/06/20 15:19 , Winfried Borlinghaus
Amazing picture and amazing story - looks like some exploration is still possible there. Cheers, Martin
2020/06/20 21:27 , Martin Kraus
Die richtige Einstimmung auf eine Woche mit hochsommerlichen Temperaturen.
2020/06/22 11:12 , Dieter Leimkötter
Wow, fantastic landscape with huge contrasts.
2020/06/24 17:19 , Jens Vischer

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Pedrotti Alberto

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