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1 Monte Colmenacco, 1281m
2 Costa del San Primo, 1495m
3 Careno
4 Monte San Primo, 1682m
5 Quarzano
6 Monte di Preaola, 1417m
7 Chiesa di San Giorgio
8 Monte di Palanzo, 1391m
9 Pognana Lario
10 Villa Oleandra
11 Monte Bolettone, 1317m
12 Faggeto Lario
13 Monte Boletto, 1236m


Location: Laglio      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Italy      Date: 2 January 2020
(a different riddle than usual)

We don't like gossip, but, if it's George Clooney and Barack Obama, I think I can make an exception ;-)
Many years ago George Clooney shot some scenes from a movie, Ocean's Twelve, on Lake Como.
He liked the lake and decided to buy a house there.
So he purchased Villa Oleandra, which is possible to glimpse in this pano. It is not the same villa where the film was shot, which is Villa Erba and is located further south.
In summer 2019, George Clooney invited Barack Obama to his lake villa, and so the former US President spent a few days at George Clooney's home on Lake Como.


G. C.
2020/02/16 20:13 , Danko Rihter
Did he move here because he loves Capuchino so much? ;-)
2020/02/16 20:16 , Jens Vischer
What else? ;-)
I realize that G.C. is probably more famous in Germany than in Italy. I did not know.
2020/02/16 22:35 , Giuseppe Marzulli
So this would be the villa were Barry O vacationed, while we stayed in Moltrasio... By Hollywood standards, buying villas on Lake Como is a sign of remarkable taste.
2020/02/16 23:57 , Augustin Werner
But "Barry O" is Barack Obama?
Because in Italy nobody calls him that way.
2020/02/17 00:03 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Oh, a new category of riddles. I think I'm not really a expert in this genre...but the Panorama is beautiful!
2020/02/17 18:28 , Werner Schelberger
VIP with a sense for a beauty spot and culture :-)
2020/02/17 19:02 , Hans-Jürgen Bayer
A very nice view indeed.
For my point of view very strange, however, is the American obsession with "celebrities". A movie actor is just another job. I would leave these people alone just like I want to be left alone.
Cheers, Martin
2020/02/17 21:05 , Martin Kraus
Martin, we must be realistic. The Italian newspapers talked about it for several days and, when Barack Obama was there, Laglio was unapproachable, as if it were under siege ;-)
2020/02/17 21:25 , Giuseppe Marzulli
And what about me? 
I cycled the road on the opposite shore in 2019, and no newspaper wrote about it. What an unfair world.
2020/02/18 10:43 , Matthias Knapp
I once even dinner in Laglio... 
But neither I, nor you, are George Clooney or Barack Obama.
If I were George Clooney, I would have hundreds of women who would queue to have sex with me and instead....
Cruel fate.
2020/02/18 11:05 , Giuseppe Marzulli
In terms of Gossip trivia: In the highly entertaining movie Ocean's Eleven, Clooney and his buddies rob a few Las Vegas Casinos including the Bellagio Casino Resort, named after the nearby village on Lake Como. I have to confess I did not know of the original Bellagio on Lake Como myself before reading about the Las Vegas Casino.
2020/02/18 17:03 , Augustin Werner
Hi Giuseppe 
now it is a month gone since we last heard from you. Hope you are doing quite well in these dark days.
HG Matthias
2020/03/19 15:23 , Matthias Knapp

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