Lago di Zoccolo / Zoggler Stausee   61276
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1 Monte Villandro (Villanderer Berg), 2509m
2 Monte Luco Grande (Grosser Laugen), 2434m
3 Kuppelwies (Pracupola)
4 Vedetta Alta (Ultner Hochwart), 2627
5 Monte Alto (Reatberg), 2568m
6 Cima Lavazze' (Seespitz), 2415m


Location: Kirche St. Moritz (San Maurizio)      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Italy      Date: 28 December 2019

My best wishes to all for a happy 2020.


I assume that everyone is on holiday. Hence nobody around to solve the riddle.

After a while of searching I think I did it: The name of the artificial lake (stausee) in the official main language of the valley is the same word as used for "wooden shoe" in this language. In some German dialects we use a very similar word for wooden shoes.....
2020/01/01 16:34 , Christoph Seger
Ciao Christoph. I don't know if many are on holiday, but I think you were the best suited to solve it ;-)
Even in Italian, the name means wooden shoe.
2020/01/01 18:59 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Ciao Giuseppe!

Your are right - I know, that in Italian it means "wooden shoe" - when I wrote "the official main language of the valley" it is clear, that this is Italian ;-)

maybe some others will also find out in which part of the world this lake is located ....
2020/01/01 19:18 , Christoph Seger
Do you claim that the official main language of the valley is Italian? ;-)
The argument, as you well know, is controversial.
I would gladly talk to you about it, but someone (surely not you) could misunderstand.
And so I prefer to keep silent.
2020/01/01 19:44 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Dear Giuseppe, too late to solve the first riddle in 2020 ;-) but I think not too late to wish you a Happy New Year!
2020/01/03 09:40 , Werner Schelberger
Even more beautiful than the church in the glamorous and touristic St. Moritz in the Swiss Engadin ;-) - an amazing panorama, Giuseppe !!!

My best wishes for a Happy New Year 2020 for you and yours. Un caro saluto, Hans-Jörg
2020/01/05 11:47 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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