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1 Pizzo Tre Termini
2 Faro Voltiano (San Maurizio Brunate)
3 Lago di Como | Comersee | Lake Como
4 Como
5 Chiesa di Sant'Agata Moltrasio


Location: Moltrasio, Lago di Como (250 m)      by: Augustin Werner
Area: Italy      Date: 25. Juni 2019
When planning our family vacation in Switzerland - our son's first visit to my old home we ended up booking our flight to Milano because it was quite a bit cheaper than flying to Zurigo and close to really beautiful places. I didn't want to drive far on our first day, tired after an overnight flight, jetlagged and feeling 'foreign' after not having travelled outside Canada for two years.

So I ended up booking the first two nights of our vacation in Moltrasio and couldn't be happier. A beautiful, largely unspoiled village in scenic setting, within easy walking distance to the lake.

I took this pano on a short walk after dinner and I wanted to show primarily the beauty the village and its setting, and just use the lake and mountains as a scenic background.

(no tripod)
17 captures in portrait orientation
Oly OMD-EM5 Mk II with Oly EZ14-42mm at 26mm (52mm KB)
Lightroom 5.7, PTgui, Irfanview


I did not understand if it is a riddle ;-)
If it's a riddle, it's a place relatively close to me...
2019/11/23 20:33 , Giuseppe Marzulli
M. an einem mir bekannten See. LG Niels
2019/11/24 10:07 , Niels Müller-Warmuth
Really enchanting as a first impression of Europe. For me, the panorama has a slightly green color cast. Cheers, Martin
2019/11/25 19:57 , Martin Kraus
Ein feiner (Panorama-) Auftakt des Heimaturlaubs - bezüglich der farblichen Ausgestaltung schließe ich mich Martin an, Augustin !!

Herzliche Grüße
2019/11/25 20:57 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
Hi Augustin. I'm glad you decided to sleep two nights in Moltrasio. It seems to me a very good choice.
In my last pano (26528) I showed the position of Moltrasio on Lake Como on purpose.
You showed the "Faro Voltiano". So we're even ;-)
2019/11/25 22:11 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Mille Grazie, Signor Marzulli! Indeed I enjoyed Moltrasio very very much and was delighted to encounter such pleasant weather in summer.

Von wegen Gruenstich... ja ich seh's, hatte zuvor bei anderen Werten in LR entwickelt und war vom Ergebnis nicht ueberzeugt, dann also wieder zurueckgesetzt und nun so praesentiert.
2019/11/27 22:21 , Augustin Werner
Vielen Dank, Herr Werner.
2019/11/28 00:21 , Giuseppe Marzulli

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Augustin Werner

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