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1 Lago di Iseo (or Sebino)
3 Monastero di San Pietro in Lamosa
4 Provaglio di Iseo


Location: Monte Alto (651 m)      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Italy      Date: 11 March 2017

Peat bogs of Sebino (Lake of Iseo).
Near Lake Iseo there is a peat plain that in certain places reaches a depth maxim of 5 metres.
It is a rather small area: only 360 hectares formed by stretches of water, surrounded by cultivated fields or by roads and houses. One part is in direct contact with Lake Iseo and is called Lametta; there is also an inner part called Lama, formed by big basins that are divided by small dikes of earth, and another part with more basins obtained after the extraction of clay.
When desiccated, peat was a precious material for the economy of the area because it could be used instead of coal, which was very expensive to import. Before the oil age and the introduction of electricity, peat was used in furnaces, spinning wheels, factories, to heat houses and even to stoke the train Brescia-Iseo-Edolo until the First World War.
Now it is a nature reserve.


The best region for Spumante ;-)
2019/11/03 14:29 , Werner Schelberger
Turbowerner. But I a agree. Much better than in the East.
2019/11/03 14:30 , Christoph Seger
OK, we're in the "Spumante" area. But, in truth, only on the extreme right we see some vineyards.
What we see is one of the rare examples in Italy of bogs used in the past to supply energy to the industries of the area.
Now it is a nature reserve.
2019/11/03 17:21 , Giuseppe Marzulli
@Giuseppe, I've a question: Do you like it more, when the riddle is solved directly, without paraphrase?
2019/11/03 18:04 , Werner Schelberger
For me riddles are just a pretext to talk nicely about some topics, without any competitive intent. Therefore, my opinion is that it is preferable not to solve it directly, but to use perifrasis and to leave time for others.
Of course, even I, when I solve riddles, I have a subtle pleasure ;-)
2019/11/03 18:34 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Then we're of the same opinion :-)
2019/11/03 21:08 , Werner Schelberger

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