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1 6502
2 Numbur, 6958
3 Tengi Ragi Tau, 6938
4 Menlungtse, 7181
5 Mera N, 6476
6 Kyashar, 6769
7 Kangtega, 6782
8 Cho Oyu, 8201
9 Gyachung Kang, 7952
10 Pumori, 7161
11 Ama Dablam, 6812
12 Nuptse, 7861
13 Everest, 8848
14 Lhotse, 8516
15 Peak 41, 6648
16 Baruntse, 7152
17 Makalu, 8463
18 Chamlang, 7321
19 Kangchenjunga, 8586


Location: Mera Peak (6461 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Nepal      Date: 15-04-2019
The ascent to the Mera Peak is a very straightforward - even easier of, say, our Monte Bianco. As a consequence, there is all the time to enjoy the view during the ascent. I have given an idea of this in N.25709 - an atmosphere which did not impress so many Betrachters but, who knows, I guess that proposed by a German author it would have received twice that appreciation, so it seems unwise to draw conclusions about the atmosphere itself!
On the summit there are a lot of mountains on display, although in quite uneven way, since the mountain is quite decentrated with respect with the main Himalayan watershed. In the 360°, much more than in the reality, one notes the presence of the 16 m higher Mera North, which could be reached very easily but, you know, here you climb with permits, and you have to stick to what the paper says. The opposite of what I did three months later in Peru, where in the morning I did not yet know what I would climb that day...
Currently the Nepal Mountaineering Association features 33 trekking peaks, that is, mountains which can be climbed without an expedition permit. Seemingly, slightly higher than the Mera there are only the Singu Chuli and the Chulu East, respectively S and N of the Annapurna barrier; the slightly lower Chulu Far East is visible in N.25625.

Location: 27.70688 86.87054


2019/09/27 00:31 , Jörg Engelhardt
Ganz große Klasse, Alberto!!! Das erste Rundum-Panorama vom Mera Peak hier auf Einwandfrei gestitcht und in ausgezeichneter Qualität, was man auch im Original (3556 px hoch, 20 MByte bei Google Drive) sehen kann. Und auch interessant gestaltet mit den beiden etwas gegensätzlichen Besteigern, dem Gipfelsporn und der Gebetsfahne im Vordergrund sowie dem in die Ferne weisenden Teil mit einer schön geschwungenen Anstiegsspur und dem Mera Peak Nord (?).
2019/09/27 18:40 , Heinz Höra
Congrats, Alberto!
2019/09/29 09:42 , Peter Brandt
2019/10/03 19:40 , Arne Rönsch

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Pedrotti Alberto

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