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1 Santa Cruz / Pucarayu, 6241
2 Huandoy, 6356
3 Huascaran Norte, 6605
4 Huascaran Sur, 6768
5 Chopicalqui, 6356
6 Hualcan, 6122
7 Copa, 6188
8 Paccharaju
9 Urus
10 Tocclaraju, 6034
11 Palcaraju, 6200
12 Ochsapalca
13 Ranrapalca, 6162
14 Pucaranra, 6156
15 Chinchey, 6309
16 Q. Llaca
17 Rima Rima
18 Huaraz, 3090
19 Q. Cojup
20 Cerro Cachijirca/ N.26827
21 Churup, 5485
22 Cajesh, 5721
23 Q. Quilcayhuanca
24 San Juan, 5830
25 Tumarinaraju, 5663
26 Q. Shallap
27 Huantsan, 6395
28 Q. Rajucolta
29 Cashan, 5716
30 Cashan, 5686
31 Nevado Shacsha, 5636


Location: A summit above Punta Callan (4570 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Peru      Date: 24-06-2019
This aims to be an instructive panorama over the Cordillera Blanca - which, incidentally, needs not to appear Blanca at all hours of the day...
Here, from a viewpoint in the Cordillera Negra, we see the Huaylas side of the chain. Although the opposite (Conchucos) side is perhaps more impressive, I had the bad luck to cross the optimal viewpoint (Abra Huachucocha) in a cloudy moment.

Coordinates: -9.56875 -77.62647
GPS track:


Yes, I love it!
2019/08/30 21:17 , Jens Vischer
What?! Such Mountains!
2019/08/30 23:39 , Peter Brandt
Very impressive! What you labelled as Cashan should, according to my 'Alpenvereinskarte', rather be Shacsha (or Huantsan Chico) 5632m, whereas Cashan would be the summit between this mountain and Huantsan. KR Wilfried
2019/08/31 15:10 , Wilfried Malz
Last not least! 
Who couldn't love sights like this one?
2019/08/31 22:17 , Matthias Knapp
Wilfried: I fear that this is not the only error in the current description. What I wrote down is only a first draft obtained combining data from Alpenverein, Udeuschle (very poor of information in this case) and Peakfinder, which I use substantially for the first time, following the comments to my N.26031.
Few other names come from personal experience, for example Cerro Cachijirca, which was for me a classical "nameless summit", 5050 GPS, when I discovered it and climbed it "at sight" the next day (by bicycle from Huaraz to 3900, by foot later on, whereas the summit 4570 m here could be reached wholly by bicycle!). Now I find a name for it on Openstreetmap, but nobody in Huaraz had a name for this summit in front of Nevado Churup (which is in turn wrong in N.19086). On the other hand, the name Rima Rima for the little but very original and prominent summit on the opposite side of Quebrada Cojup was well-established in town.
The 4570 m here seems to have no name, neither on OSM nor in Huaraz. However, it has a huge antenna, and this provides an easy means to hint at it in Huaraz...
I will iteratively improve the description while assembling related views: daylight views from this side, or views from the Conchucos side, which will complete the insight into this complex mountain chain. Namely, the previews of the panoramas from Huachucocha are much more generous than I expected.
2019/09/01 08:59 , Pedrotti Alberto
I think something might be wrong, if you don't love these mountains and the marvelous panorama ;-) !!!

Cheers, Hans-Jörg
2019/09/01 14:19 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
E' impossibile che non piaccia.
2019/09/02 21:23 , Giuseppe Marzulli
2019/10/19 20:53 , Michael Strasser
How could you not?
2020/01/22 09:39 , Johannes Ha

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Pedrotti Alberto

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