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1 Locorotondo
2 Cisternino


Location: Martina Franca      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Italy      Date: 15 August 2019

Itria Valley (Valle d'Itria) is an area located in Apulia and coincide with the lower part of Murgia upland.
It is called Valley, but has not the typical conformation of mountain area valleys. It is a depression due to karstic phenomena.
It has different features from other areas of Puglia and is characterized by the presence of trulli. A trullo is a traditional Apulian dry stone hut with a conical roof.


It seems easy, but it's a bit tricky: L... :-)
2019/08/25 21:44 , Werner Schelberger
The region is obvious with the trulli, but identifying your detailed location is really hard this time. Yes, the prominent church at the left could be that of L... Cheers, Martin
2019/08/25 22:13 , Martin Kraus
Sembra la strada fra Martina Franca e Cisternino, ma i ricordi sono molto vaghi...
2019/08/25 22:31 , Pedrotti Alberto
The region is obviously that of the "trulli".
But the precise place is not easy....
We see not only L.... in the distance, but also another town.
2019/08/25 22:39 , Giuseppe Marzulli

Non mi rendi la cosa semplice :-D
2019/08/26 09:06 , Werner Schelberger
so i am too late this time ...
2019/08/26 20:12 , Christoph Seger
I think you're still in time, because I don't think Werner's numbers are right....
2019/08/26 20:17 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Tried again. If it is Locorotondo to the left, it must be Alberobello to the distant right, and you are somewhere near Laureto, where houses and environment fit well. But I haven't found the detailed place and might be totally wrong. Cheers, Martin
2019/08/26 20:41 , Martin Kraus
Latitude: 40.705461 | Longitude: 17.34554
P84W+56 Martina Franca, Tarent, Italien

Really not right?
2019/08/26 21:18 , Werner Schelberger
Congratulations, Werner. I was on the wrong side :-(
2019/08/26 21:25 , Martin Kraus
Ok Werner. Undoubtedly, we are in Martina Franca...
2019/08/26 21:46 , Giuseppe Marzulli

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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