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1 Contrahierbas, 6036
2 Laguna Morococha
3 Chopicalqui, 6356
4 Portachuelo de Llanganuco, 4767
5 Huascaran Sur, 6768
6 Huascaran Norte, 6605
7 Cordillera Negra
8 Chinancocha
9 Lagunas de Llanganuco
10 Orgoncocha
11 6160
12 Huandoy
13 6356
14 6395
15 6000
16 Pisco, 5752
17 5700
18 Laguna 69
19 6112
20 Chacraraju
21 6001
22 Taulliraju, 5830
23 5380
24 Yanapacca, 5460


Aufnahmestandort: Nameless summit (5165 m)      Fotografiert von: Pedrotti Alberto
Gebiet: Peru      Datum: 15-08-2019
From a summit above the Portachuelo de Llanganuco, Cordillera Blanca.
Larger: http://bit.ly/2Za9n7C
Data after Alpenvereinskarte 0/3a Cordillera Blanca Nord 1:100.000, 2. Ausgabe 2006
Position: -9.03992 -77.59043


Incredible Beautiful !! for the riddle … is at least the country correct ???
22.08.2019 11:52 , Christoph Seger
Tajikistan is simply my default for riddles, as is Vatican for Marzulli...
22.08.2019 12:01 , Pedrotti Alberto
Welcome back & what a pano!
... spontaneously i thought of the country once feared for its Shining Path. Instead there appears to be a shining new road. If I'm right I may have visited that little mountain lake 25 years ago. But I might be totally wrong .
22.08.2019 14:56 , Augustin Werner
The road construction was initiated in 1983.
It is in a terrible state...
22.08.2019 15:01 , Pedrotti Alberto
Unglaublich diese Szenerie.
22.08.2019 18:09 , Heinz Höra
Still, could it be that you were in a white mountain range - and behind the lakes we can see a piece of the smaller black mountain range?
22.08.2019 18:51 , Augustin Werner
Indeed, you understood perfectly.
Nobody other seems to be interested, but in spite of this I do not think that this summit (5165 m GPS) is such a bad place...
Was the lake that you visited named by a number?
Cheers, Alberto.
22.08.2019 19:14 , Pedrotti Alberto
we are interested, but some of us have a daytime job ....
22.08.2019 19:21 , Christoph Seger
I am somehow convinced, that you are somewere in the Karakorum Range. I just check the Nun Kun massiv for peak similarities ...
22.08.2019 19:24 , Christoph Seger
Be careful that Augustin's Shining Path needs not to be a Buddhist path - apart that the Nun Kun lies perhaps already in a mainly islamic area.
22.08.2019 19:33 , Pedrotti Alberto
As far as I can remember the lake had a name starting with Llan ... - I visited by minibus and didn't go any further

22.08.2019 19:35 , Augustin Werner
:-)) solved I guess ...
22.08.2019 19:39 , Christoph Seger
And -9.039911 -77.590450 is the Aufnahmestandort...
The numeric lake is the one behind the flag, Laguna 69, now destination of a very popular tourist package. That is why I was asking about it.
22.08.2019 19:43 , Pedrotti Alberto
Great Stuff Alberto.
I didn't know of & didn't go to Lake 69 then.
Looking at the road on Google Maps/Street View i realize it's only shining in the bright sun but otherwise isn't in shiny condition.
I am looking forward to a whole great series of serious panos!
22.08.2019 19:51 , Augustin Werner
So that time you visited Laguna Chinancocha, near which I passed an unplanned night, wrapped only in the Salewa aluminium emergency bag, in order to climb the pass again the following day - August 15, Ferragosto. Namely, crossing it on August 14 I had found all the mountains wrapped in clouds (not Salewa).
After the two ascents I had lost nearly completely my voice due to the amount of dust that I had eaten. I am still waiting to recuperate it fully...
Cheers, Alberto.
22.08.2019 19:58 , Pedrotti Alberto
Great place, great pano.
22.08.2019 21:42 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Perfect Mountain Scenery!
22.08.2019 22:49 , Peter Brandt
The tattered flag bothers me a bit, but otherwise the landscape is nice and the presentation is clear and sharp with natural colors.
23.08.2019 17:21 , Jörg Braukmann
I was already fascinated about your impressions on FB and curious about the first panorama - a dreamlike panorama, thanks for sharing, Alberto !!!

Cheers, Hans-Jörg
28.08.2019 17:33 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
Thank you - the series will go on, maybe with some Huayhuash, such that the Betrachter will not get bored!
Cheers Alberto.
28.08.2019 21:28 , Pedrotti Alberto
Has it ever been cloudy during your stay in Peru? Simply incredible...
22.01.2020 09:43 , Johannes Ha
Yes. And it happened for example the previous day, when I crossed the Llanganuco in cloudy conditions. Let me put the competing Schlechtwetterpano in the queue for the next week, because I like it very much.
But worst for clouds was my Alpamayo experience. Due to the weird weather conditions you will ner see, for example, a panoramic version of this incredible object: http://bit.ly/2NLdoru
Here it is early morning, and you see the clouds already attacking the pyramid from its left side...
22.01.2020 11:52 , Pedrotti Alberto

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