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1 Isola di Montecristo
2 Isola di Pianosa
3 Scogli dell'Ogliera
4 Corse/Corsica
5 Punta Massellone
6 (Spiaggia del Relitto)


Location: Pomonte (Isola d'Elba)      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Italy      Date: 29 June 2019

On 10 January 1972 a merchant ship left from Naples and bound for Marseille, the Elviscot, was wrecked during a storm, going to hit the rocks of the Ogliera.
Over time, the Elviscot wreck has become a tourist destination for divers. The wreck is in fact lying with the left side on a sandy bottom, with the stern bridge only about 10 meters deep. Passing through the smokestack it is even possible to arrive, without particular problems, up to the engine room, where the entire engine apparatus is still easily recognizable.


Montecristo, Pianosa and Corse from Isola E. close to Pomonte I assume - but I can be completely wrong.

There are not too many places were you can stop your car to look down to admire the beautiful colours of the sea.
2019/07/09 07:48 , Christoph Seger
My first guess was - the Alps in the distance right. But then I thought - my #25449 could be some 15 km further south...
Thank you for the riddle - the pancake-shaped isola did ring a bell
2019/07/09 20:23 , Klaus Föhl
I always like the mystic of something on the horizon...
2019/07/13 12:03 , Mentor Depret

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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