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Location: Veerweg Genemuiden (1 m)      by: Arjan Veldhuis
Area: Netherlands      Date: 2 juli 2019
Genemuiden Harbor Watersports Association

Water sports club Genemuiden was founded on January 10, 1965. The club uses the municipal harbor and boat ramp. The harbor and sailing club for young people is located on the Black Water next to the ferry. Together with Hasselt and Zwartsluis, Genemuiden forms the municipality of Zwartewaterland.

In 1275, Genemuiden received city rights from Jan van Nassau. The city is developing into a fishing town of interest (especially salmon) and is also known for its carpet and carpet industry. Today, 60 percent of the total Dutch production of broadloom carpet comes from Genemuiden. The history of carpet goes back many centuries. From the rushes that have been growing around the city for centuries (they are still growing there now), the inhabitants make the well-known Genemuider rush mats. When the rushes become scarcer, another product makes its appearance: the coconut mats. The first coconut factories arrived around 1920. In the sixties, the Genemuider manufacturers switched to nylon and wool carpets. Artificial grass for sports fields is also manufactured there.

Haystacks and city fires
The signs "Forbidden to smoke" at the haystacks on the Achterweg in Genemuiden recall the great fire of 1868, which turned much of the city into a smoking ruin. In 1698 alone no fewer than 80 houses and 51 barns went up in flames. After another major fire, in 1741, the city council decided that all new houses should now be covered with tiles.

Canon G1X, 28 mm KB, portrait mode, made without a tripod


Arjan Veldhuis

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