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1 Mediterranean Sea
2 Monachus Monachus Arch / Love Bridge
3 Ayia Napa


Location: Ayia Napa      by: Geir Anders Langangen
Area: Cyprus      Date: 10.02.19
Ayia Napa in republic of Cyprus is a popular tourist magnet. Outside of Ayia Napa is Monachus Monachus Arch (or Love Bridge), a natural stone arch in the Mediterranean Sea. Here I took one panorama in the evening and another one in the morning. The one I took in the morning, I have the sun behind me. But I liked this panorama best.



Thanks for the map link. The location looks interesting, the hotel strip at the right less welcoming for my taste. But I am happy about different tastes and that so many people end up here. Cheers, Martin
2019/02/27 20:28 , Martin Kraus
I agree with Martin. A good motiv wich would be better from a bit lower point, but climbing down is probably dangerous there (?)
The bright areas are on the limit imo.
2019/02/28 20:42 , Steffen Minack

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Geir Anders Langangen

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