Harbor Milligerplas Zwolle (1999)   11032
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Location: Waterlelie Zwolle (1 m)      by: Arjan Veldhuis
Area: Netherlands      Date: mei 1999
The Milligerplas is located on the northwest side of the Stadshagen district. The lake originated after sand extraction in the 1960s for the A28, the largest motorway in the Netherlands. Stadshagen and the Milligerplas are located in the medieval polder Mastenbroek and this is part of the National Landscape IJsseldelta.

Camera: Olympus Camedia C-1400 L (1,41 Mp)


This is from the pre-history of digital photography, which may explain the slightly weird colours. But respect for stitching this so relatively well. Cheers, Martin
2019/01/04 19:39 , Martin Kraus

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Arjan Veldhuis

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