Parco Naturale della Lessinia   171135
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1 Monte Frerone, 2673m
2 Malghe Costeggioli di Sotto
3 Monte Boia, 2582m
4 Cornone di Blumone, 2842m; 54,4Km
5 Cima Laione, 2757m
6 Monte Listino, 2750m
7 Monte Frisozzo, 2897m
8 Cima Dernal, 2826m
9 Monte Re di Castello, 2889m
10 Monte Campellio, 2809m
11 Cima di Valbona, 2887m
12 Cima di Laghisol, 2804m
13 Monte Altissimo di Nago, 2079m
14 Cima Cop di Breguzzo, 3001m
15 Monte Adamello, 3539m
16 Monte Castelberto, 1765m
17 Malga Costeggioli di Sopra
18 Monte Care' Alto, 3463m
19 Monte Folletto, 3334m
20 Corno di Cavento, 3406m
21 Crozzon di Lares, 3354m
22 Crozzon di Folgorido, 3079m
23 Corno di Lago Scuro, 3166m
24 Cima Presena, 3069m
25 Cima Busazza, 3326m
26 Monte Cercen, 3280m
27 Monte Gabbiolo, 3458m
28 Cima di Vermiglio, 3458m
29 Cima Presanella, 3558m
30 Monte Nero, 3344m
31 Casare Cornicello
32 Cima d'Amola, 3269m
33 Cima Vedretta Nera, 3185m
34 Cima Cornisello, 3158m
35 Cima Scarpaco, 3252m
36 Punta Taviela, 3612m
37 Palon de la Mare, 3703
38 Monte Vioz, 3645m
39 Monte Cevedale, 3769m
40 Cima Cevedale (Zufallspitze), 3757m
41 Cima Baselga, 2799m
42 Castello dei Camosci, 2538m
43 Cima della Finestra, 2620m
44 Cima Vallon, 2965m
45 Corno di Senaso, 2853m
46 Cima d'Agola, 2988m
47 Cima d'Ambiez, 3096m
48 Cima Tosa, 3134m
49 Cima Ghez, 2715m
50 Cima Mandron, 3040m
51 Cima Brenta, 3150m
52 Cima Falkner, 2988m
53 Cima Roma, 2837m
54 Cima della Vallazza, 2810m
55 Monte Fibbion, 2671m
56 Pizzo Gallino, 2442m
57 Monte Corona, 2562m
58 Monte Bedole, 2419m
59 Cima Nera (Hintere Schwärze), 3624m; 120,8Km
60 Pfasserspitze, 3443m
61 Punta Rossa (Roten Spitze), 3393m
62 Schalfkogel, 3537m; 123,7Km
63 Malga Podesteria
64 Monte Cornetto, 2180m
65 Dosso d'Abramo, 2140m
66 Cima Verde, 2102m
67 Il Palon, 2090m


Aufnahmestandort: Malga Folignano di Cima      Fotografiert von: Giuseppe Marzulli
Gebiet: Italy      Datum: 17 December 2016
Lessinia is a geographical area located north of Verona.
I think it is very interesting the contrast between the sunset light in the foreground area and the snow-capped peaks in the background.
It is not common to find no snow in this area in mid-December.

45.691046, 11.047276


Ma que bello! 
After a day of fierce debate and bitter argument by others on this site, after everone else in Europe has gone to bed, here comes Giuseppe and quietly uploads a pano of perfection, full of surprises, magic light and yearning beauty.

According to the map you had previously taken great panos near this location, yet this one is unlike any of them, so different, so quiet and calm, so beautiful.

I feel like "if panorama photography didn't already exist, this is what it would need to be invented for"

30.10.2018 02:50 , Augustin Werner
Beautiful serenity
30.10.2018 07:34 , Christoph Seger
30.10.2018 08:44 , Jens Vischer
Nähe und Ferne gut kombiniert.
30.10.2018 10:24 , Dieter Leimkötter
Perfect. Unfortunately with the broken Google Maps integration I cannot learn where this beautiful place is. Cheers, Martin
30.10.2018 19:44 , Martin Kraus
I think for the time the google map link is broken we shold communicate LAT / LAN in the pano description. Hope at least some do agree.
30.10.2018 20:27 , Christoph Seger
Wonderful contrast between round ocher and jagged white.
30.10.2018 20:56 , Benjamin Vogel
Beautiful colours and a fine clear view at the distance.
31.10.2018 10:55 , Arno Bruckardt
VG, Danko.
31.10.2018 22:13 , Danko Rihter
It is a bit surrealistic in the sense that the orange color isn't yet on the peaks.
01.11.2018 13:43 , Mentor Depret
Hi Mentor. I want to make a speech.
In my opinion, this is one of the best pano I have included. It is an unusual landscape and is very special because it looks a bit surrealistic, for the reason that you said.
But this is only my opinion. I am sure of this opinion, but I can not pretend that everyone has this opinion.
We are all pleased to have a high evaluation, but we know that evaluation is of relative importance and should not be taken too seriously.
01.11.2018 14:10 , Giuseppe Marzulli
I enjoy contrasts and colours. I also like the high summits looking over the horizon.
LG Jörg
01.11.2018 16:13 , Jörg Nitz
My heart is laughing when I see this Pano And your comment.. Thanks for both!

Tanti saluti Seb
01.11.2018 20:03 , Sebastian Becher
I agree - incredible light and a fascinating masterpiece !!!!! Chapeau, Giuseppe.

Saluti dalla Foresta Nera, Hans-Jörg
02.11.2018 08:16 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
You created a wonderfull composition by choosing the location and time.
02.11.2018 10:21 , Steffen Minack
Giuseppe, hai scattato una bellissima panoramica!!
Questa luce stupenda e le cime bianche rendono questa immagine qualcosa di speciale.
cari saluti Patrick
02.11.2018 19:00 , Patrick Runggaldier
I guess it is done with a tele? Very well composed I think. BR Jan.
07.12.2018 18:08 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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