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1 Waste burning plant, 31 km
2 Power plant, 31 km
3 Silo, 30 km
4 Container crane, 29 km
6 (Spire of) St. Petri church, 30 km
7 Turning Torso 190 m, Malmö, 28 km
8 Flakfortet, 10 km
9 Limhamn, 28 km
10 Saltholm island, 15 km
11 Middelgrunden, 6 km
12 Øresund bridge, 25 km
13 Saltholm island, 16 km


Location: Skovshoved Havn      by: Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
Area: Denmark      Date: 2016-08-14, 17:53
Much of what is visible here are man-made. The small islands were made for fortifications reasons. A handful of these artficial islands were made during the period of 1787-1916, to protect the capital from seaside attacks. They all failed ultimately when needed; the first island (not visible here) was not finished when the british attacked in 1801, but it did cause a lot of damage however. Middelgrunden was armed with heavy guns when the germans attacked in 1940, but only warningshots were fired against the invading ships. The stationed crew wasn't properly trained in firing the canons, and so it never fired real shells on any of the ships.

Pano made from 19 pics (RAW), 300 mm, iso-200, 1/800 sec, f/7,1, developed in DPP (daylight, neutral, ALO off, moderate sharpness), stitched in PTGui pro, contrast, downscaling, sharpening in Irfanview.


Interesting to see it. Looks like most of the ground on the left side is below the horizon.
2018/10/13 20:06 , Steffen Minack
Of the greatest interest.
2018/10/13 20:59 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Great presentation. Cheers, Martin
2018/10/14 19:08 , Martin Kraus
It is peculiar when the coastline is just below the horizon. Jan, you should climb that tower and shoot a view.
2018/10/14 23:30 , Mentor Depret
Ein solches Panorama vom Øresund und mit derBrücke habe ich schon lange von Dir erwartet.
2018/10/15 16:20 , Heinz Höra
Sehr überzeugend!
2018/10/15 22:58 , Christoph Seger

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Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen


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