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Location: Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands      by: Jos Sanders
Area: Spain      Date: 27-11-2008
Puerto Rico is a specially constructed holiday town, situated on the south-west coast of Gran Canaria. The island's proximity to the African continent ensures an ideal climate, particularly in the winter, when the temperatures remain constant at around 20-25°C.

360 degrees, 12 photos, f/16, 1/320-1/160, 27mm


good work! 
Da unten sind wir mir dem großen Katamaran in See gestochen. LG Christian
2009/02/09 15:18 , Christian Hönig
Good work, not easy to stitch with the railing in front. Greetings Werner
2009/02/15 10:30 , Werner Schelberger
Nice work, probably a bit too much yellow?
2009/02/16 00:27 , Arne Rönsch

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Jos Sanders

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