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Location: Castel del Monte      by: Christoph Seger
Area: Italy      Date: 2018-04-09
From our April trip to Puglia. I enjoyed that only fey other people were around, since we arrived in late afternoon. When I was there as an adolescent, the castle did impress me not as much as it did now - funny, since I was very keen on visiting Friedrich II places at that time. Funny enough, in the past 30+ years a stand of trees was grown on the hill changing the apperance of the castle dramatically.

The dark clouds you can see did entertain us later in the evening - especially in Bitonto - see my "orange and blue" frame from there.

At my summer stay in Puglia I did OF COURSE not visit the place.

D800, 21 mm
HF RAWs at 16:48 MEZ


Toll beleuchtet!
2018/09/21 21:16 , Johannes Ha
I was only once in Castel del Monte, many years ago, more than twenty. I always thought of going back to visit it, but I never saw it again.
Castel del Monte is strongly linked to Frederick II of the Hohenstaufen dynasty. Like you, I have always been fascinated by the historical character of Frederick II.
2018/09/21 21:34 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Wuchtig in Szene gesetzt!
2018/09/23 19:20 , Dieter Leimkötter
Toll in Szene gesetzt von dir mit den Baumgruppen zu beiden Seiten!
Zu dieser Jahreszeit wohl der beste Zeitpunkt in dieser Gegend für einen Besuch solcher historischer Bauten. Ich war mal im Juni bei Temperaturen von 35-40 Grad dort. Zum Glück war es nicht windstill, was aber der örtlichen Brandbekämpfung - die Feuerwehr hatte hier oben einen Beobachtungsposten - einige Sorgen bereitete.

Gruss Stephan
2018/11/04 00:30 , Stephan Klemme
Danke für den Kommentar lieber Stephan. Ja, das Frühjahr ist günstiger - keine Frage. Ende April bis in die erste Mai-Hälfte ist vermutlich optimal, speziell wenn man auch ein wenig die Orchdeen genießen will.
2018/11/04 10:20 , Christoph Seger

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