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Aufnahmestandort: Fara San Martino (355 m)      Fotografiert von: Pedrotti Alberto
Gebiet: Italy      Datum: 30-12-2015
According to many, De Cecco is the best brand of Italian pasta.
Born in 1886, now the company has reached such a size to acquire most of the valley below Fara San Martino (including a church, as one can see...), few metres from the sources of the river Verde - it is said that the quality of the water flowing down from the Maiella is the secret of the De Cecco quality.
When the past Italian president Oscar Luigi Scalfaro, during an official tour in Abruzzo, wanted to visit also the factory of what he claimed to be his favourite brand of pasta, there was an insurrection of the competitors (Barilla, for example), who complained that the visit of a president constituted a free and thus unfair advertisement for De Cecco.
My panorama could be likewise classified as Werbung, although of course I claim no affiliation with De Cecco. However, since this pano does not possess any of the qualifications that build up the success of a panorama (Jura-Vogesen Panorama, "langer Streifen", "klein aber fein", Pastellfarben u.s.w.), it may receive, very optimistically, a maximum of 4-5 ratings. Hence, I find that the Werbung issue, if any, will be negligible. De Cecco will perceive no improvement in his commerce after my panorama.
Frank Sinatra in the Sixties wanted to buy the De Cecco company for one million dollars, and he was answered that the value of the brand was at least seven times that. The same will I answer when accused of Werbung already with one dozen (not million) of views!!
To realize what for an unique place Fara San Martino happens to be, please have a look also to the nearest panorama, only 1 km from here, but already above the source of the river Verde.

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They´re really the best... ;-)
14.09.2018 08:55 , Jörg Engelhardt
Interesting presentation and story. Cheers, Martin
15.09.2018 11:39 , Martin Kraus
Now, the taste of Pasta has a "face" too ;-) ... my Entlebucher was called Cecco (in memorian #15846), since the year 2000 DeCecco is my favorite one ... !!

Great panorama - thanks for sharing, dear Alberto !!!

Cheers, Hans-Jörg
16.09.2018 21:41 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle

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Pedrotti Alberto

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