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Aufnahmestandort: Cerro Madsen (1764 m)      Fotografiert von: Pedrotti Alberto
Gebiet: Argentina      Datum: 22-02-2014
I wanted to change subject but... I was also curious to watch the reaction to this very first of the eight 360° from Cerro Madsen, which - I think - is the most likely to cause my ban from the community.
This by virtue of its iconoclastic Bildaufbau, putting in so close a confrontation the dull Gipfelaufbau of Cerro Madsen with the one - kind of a sacred cathedral - of Fitz Roy.
If I Betracht the point thoughtfully, however, the origin of the bizarre idea is to be found in Panorama N.12446, and especially in its title "Leichtere und unerreichbare Ziele".
In view of this, I propose if necessary to ban the author of that panorama as well.
The Beschriftung will follow, of course it is identical to that of any other Cerro Madsen chosen uniformly at random, except perhaps that here some interesting features are covered.


Ma quelle nuvole pazzesche 
dietro il Fitz Roy sono una caratteristica patagonica? Preannunciano tempesta o sono solo coreografiche?
ciao, Alvise
12.08.2018 18:41 , Alvise Bonaldo
In questi giorni facevano solo coreografia.
Non credo sia sempre cosí.
13.08.2018 14:56 , Pedrotti Alberto
Spectacular combination of rock and cloud. Fitz Roy has to step back for once, having enjoyed sufficient popularity on this site already. Cheers, Martin
13.08.2018 20:48 , Martin Kraus

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