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1 Dedo del Cesar
2 Cerro Moreno, 1640
3 (Perito Moreno)
4 Peninsula Magallanes
5 1535
6 Cerro Frias, 1099
7 Peninsula Avellaneda
8 Cerro Bolados, 2780


Location: Glaciarium, El Calafate (294 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Argentina      Date: 01-02-2014
It is very difficult to identify the summits in this panorama.
For now I discovered, at the very left margin, the remarkable Torre Dedo del Cesar, which shows a true Paine temperament.
There a fair chance that this is the same rock spire visible at 327° in N.18667
The close Cerro Frías hides the Standort of N.18358. Below the summit 1535 m, however, you clearly recognize the "interrupted" snowfield which appears in that pano.



Pedrotti Alberto

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