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1 Monte Scuderi, 1253
2 La Montagnola, 2644, 63 km
3 Pizzi Deneri, 2847
4 Etna - Mongibello, 3342
5 Punta Lucia, 2932
6 Monte Poverello, 1279
7 Rocca di Novara, 1340
8 Pizzo di Frara
9 Monte Soro (Nebrodi), 1847, 72 km
10 Pellegrino
11 Castello
12 Santa Lucia del Mela
13 Oliveri
14 Santuario di Tindari
15 Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto
16 Monforte San Giorgio
17 Capo Tindari
18 San Pier Niceto
19 Capo Calavà, 48 km
20 Raffineria di Milazzo
21 Roccavaldina
22 Milazzo
23 Rometta Messinese
24 Castello di Milazzo
25 Filo dell'Arpa (Alicudi), 675, 106 km
26 Monte Aria (Vulcano), 500
27 Fossa delle Felci (Filicudi), 773
28 Monte Saraceno (Vulcano), 481
29 Gran Cratere (Vulcano), 391
30 Capo di Milazzo
31 Monte Guardia (Lipari), 369
32 Lipari
33 Monte dei Porri (Salina), 860
34 Fossa delle Felci (Salina), 962
35 Cave di pomice
36 Rometta Marea


Location: Antennammare (1127 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Italy      Date: 23-03-2008 (Easter morning)
While doing some research, I found out a group of previously unstitched images. Once processed, they gave rise to the present view, which I am not able to interpret, due to the lack of distinctive features.
Let us say that they could come from nearly anywhere in the world - so, let the Betrachter help me in the task!


Larger: http://bit.ly/2NB2DX2


Wow, this is a very nice pano with good distances and structured landscape.
The big mountain on the left side is very wellknown. We can see the city M.....o on the bay on the right side. The biggest distance might be the I...a A.....i - about 100km away. The I...a F......i is a bit closer (about 85km) and there is the I...a V.....o on the half way in front of the I...a F......i.
I'm not sure about the mountain where you did take the pictures, it could be the summit of the D........e maybe.
2018/07/09 15:35 , Steffen Minack
Troppo facile. La mia curiosità è sulla data.
2018/07/09 17:51 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Troppo facile, that is the answer.
2018/07/09 18:23 , Mentor Depret
Too lightweight as a riddle, but by no means too lightweight as a panoramic view. Great place. Cheers, Martin
2018/07/09 20:27 , Martin Kraus

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Pedrotti Alberto

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