Midsummer sunrise over the Scheldt Estuary   7676
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1 Vlissingen Harbor, 13-16 km
2 Ellewoutsdijk, 5.2 km
3 Hansweert, 17 km


Aufnahmestandort: Waterfront Terneuzen (66 m)      Fotografiert von: Mentor Depret
Gebiet: Netherlands      Datum: 2018 06 24 5:30 AM st
Although I am not an early bird, I really wanted a pano from the sunrise at midsummer. During this time, the upcoming sun aligns with the NE-SW direction of the Scheldt river between Hansweert and Terneuzen. Although I rarely wake up at that hour, I mysteriously did at the right time to catch this pano... while in half sleeping mode. But here it is.

Canon Eos M6 with EF-M 18-150 mm, 7pics RAW, 24 mm (38.4 mm KB), iso 200, f 7.1, 1/160 s, PTGuiPro, 12505x3773 190.2 MB TIFF, crop to h=3104, downsized to 1500 TIFF >1000 TIFF with sharpening >500 TIFF with sharpening> 2015x500 775 KB JPEG.
Downsizing from 3104>500 TIFF with sharpening resulted into 2015x500 680 KB JPEG which is indeed a little bit less sharp and with a little bit less fine details than the stepping down process. Many thx Heinz for letting me know!


The early bird catches the worm - fantastic, Mentor !!!

Cheers, Hans-Jörg
25.06.2018 07:45 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
Beautiful colours.

@HJB2: Nobody ever cares about the early worm, who should have stayed in bed...

Cheers Martin
25.06.2018 19:31 , Martin Kraus
:-))) ... !!!
25.06.2018 20:05 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
Very beautiful again. BR Jan.
25.06.2018 22:24 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
thx guys,
@Martin, but if the worm remained underground, I could only present a white sheet.
26.06.2018 13:53 , Mentor Depret
@Mentor, it's nice that it has brought something. But that will not be the case with every motif. The most important is probably the final sharpening.
26.06.2018 14:17 , Heinz Höra
Traumhaft. Farben * Schnitt * Motiv * Ausarbeitung *
06.07.2018 13:05 , Dieter Leimkötter

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Mentor Depret

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