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1 Monte Lera, 3355m
2 Punta Valletta, 3384m
3 La Croce Rossa, 3565m
4 Punta d'Arnas (Ouille d'Arbéron), 3554m
5 La Bessanese, 3592m
6 Gran Ciamarella, 3676m
7 Punta Francesetti, 3425m
8 Punta Mezzenile, 3429m
9 Roc du Mulinet, 3452m
10 Levanna Orientale, 3555m
11 Levanna Centrale, 3619m
12 Levanna Orientale, 3555m
13 Punta Ferta, 2780m
14 Monte Unghiasse, 2939m
15 Monte Bessun, 2908m
16 Monte Tovo, 2673m
17 Mare Percia, 3385m
18 Punta Foura, 3411m
19 Denti del Breuil, 3454m
20 Becca di Montchair, 3544m
21 Ciarforon, 3643m
22 La Tresenta, 3609m
23 Gran Paradiso, 4061m
24 Becca di Gay, 3621m
25 Roccia Viva, 3650m
26 Torre del Gran San Pietro, 3692m
27 Punte Patri', 3581m
28 Punta di Sengie, 3408m
29 Roccia Azzurra, 3308m
30 Monveso di Forzo, 3322m
31 Punta di Forzo, 3296m
32 Torre di Lavina, 3308m
33 Punta Quinzeina, 2344m
34 Punta Verzel, 2406m
35 Monte Giavino, 2766m
36 Punta Dondogna, 2550m
37 Monte Vailet, 2613m
38 Cima Bonze, 2516m
39 Bec Renon, 2266m
40 Monte dell'Aquila, 2581m
41 Corno del Lago, 2747m
42 Becca di Viou, 3032m
43 Colma di Mombarone, 2371m
44 Breithorn, 4164m
45 Monte Mars, 2600m
46 Liskamm Occidentale, 4477m
47 Liskamm, 4527m
48 Corno Nero, 4321m
49 Punta Dufour (Dufourspitze), 4634m
50 Punta Gnifetti (Signalkuppe), 4554m


Location: Chivasso      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Italy      Date: 20 September 2017
We are in Piedmont, on the banks of the Po. Turin is about 25 Km. Here the Po is still a not too big river and the Alps are quite close.


Beautiful foreground, nice view to the mountains.
2018/06/01 10:35 , Friedemann Dittrich
Fascinating to see how abruptly the mountains arise from the plain, and an unusual perspective of Monte Rosa. Together with the foreground, a great pano. Cheers, Martin
2018/06/02 12:16 , Martin Kraus
Very beautiful and I think you probably play on #23560 to see the situation at the Po Valley around Turin ;-)
2018/06/03 16:39 , Werner Schelberger
Seems to be a fine peaceful place there - a magnificent panorama !!!

Cheers, Hans-Jörg
2018/06/12 07:14 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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