Supercell above Terneuzen   42194
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1 Ellewoutsdijk, 5.6 km
2 Middle Plate, 2.5-3 km


Location: Terneuzen, Waterfront (66 m)      by: Mentor Depret
Area: Netherlands      Date: 2018 05 27 9:36 PMst
Another spooky thunderstorm, in fact a supercell, arrived near sunset yesterday, creating a very strange, surrealistic view of the area. I tried to capture one of the many lightnings but most of them occurred inside the cloud. One could feel the electricity in the air.

Canon Eos M6 with EF-M 11-22 mm, 6 pics RAW, 22 mm (35.2 mm KB), iso 100, f 22, 0.6 s, PTGuiPro, 9936x3736 149.5 MB TIFF, crop about 30%, downsized 2008x500 656 KB JPEG.


Ich bin dafür!
2018/05/28 19:40 , Walter Schmidt
Ich habe ein Faible für solche Wetterstimmungen. Aber die sollte man etwas weitwinkliger, so wie ich das z. B. bei Nr. 18695 gemacht habe.
In Bingo-Englisch:
I have a preferece for such weather scenes. But you should angle something far, as I did for example at No. 18695.
2018/05/30 12:49 , Heinz Höra
I agree with you Heinz, but I cropped the pano to get over 2000 pixels and I am constrained on the platform to about 105°. By the way, what settings do you use to catch thunderbolts?
2018/05/30 15:06 , Mentor Depret
Spectacular - I love these tremendous cloud scenarios ... !!!

Cheers, Hans-Jörg
2018/06/11 15:33 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle

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