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1 Palazzo Flangini
2 Scuola dei Morti
3 San Geremia (abside)
4 San Geremia (campanile)
5 Canale di Cannaregio
6 Palazzo Emo a San Leonardo
7 Palazzo Querini Papozze
8 Palazzo Correr Contarini Zorzi
9 Palazzo Gritti or Gritti Dandolo


Location: Venezia (Riva de Biasio)      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Italy      Date: 16 January 2016
An area where there is still no pano of Venice.


Indeed, althogh not a place far off the tracks ...
2018/05/15 23:38 , Christoph Seger
I suppose nobody knows the history of Riva de Biasio. It's a terrible story, even if I do not know if it's a true story or a legend.

All the stops on vaporetto number 1 on the Canal Grande take their name from a church or an important monument, except one: Riva de Biasio.

Who was this Biasio? On this shore at the time of the Serenissima there was a sausage shop, owned by a certain Biagio (Biasio in Venetian) who was very famous for his meat dishes.

But one day a worker found on his plate a small piece of human finger and immediately alerted the guards who discovered in the back room of Biasio some bodies of children that 'the ogre' slaughtered to make his sauce more tasty. Biasio confessed but never knew how many children he had killed and how he got them.

The serial killer was dragged by a horse to the prison where his hands were cut off, he was then tortured in Piazza San Marco and beheaded there.

His house and shop were razed to the ground but the bank maintained the name of Biasio in the collective imagination, and it is also today, when we climb and descend from the vaporetto.
2018/05/15 23:58 , Giuseppe Marzulli
A scary story that I did not know yet. Gladly more such backgrounds :-)
Fantastic weather for January and well done!

LG Werner
2018/05/16 06:41 , Werner Schelberger
It's not the only "grand guignol" story in Venice!!! 
Unfortunately, now the Venetian picturesque is the only version of the history of Venice, and no one seems to remember that the Serenissima has had more than a thousand years of good governance and has been one of the main protagonists of medieval European history.
In the big Church (San Geremia) on the other side of Canal Grande the body of Santa Lucia, virgin and martyr of Siracusa, is preserved. On December 13th is still a popular custom to venerate the body of the holy protectress of the blinds, turning around the sacellum inside a side chapel and touching the case in which the body is kept. In popular tradition the day of Santa Lucia is the shortest day of the year, even if it does not coincide with the winter solstice. in Venetian it is said "Santa Lussia, el fredo crussia" (in the day of santa lucia the cold is very intense).
Ciao, Alvise
2018/05/16 10:26 , Alvise Bonaldo
Excellent panorama, Giuseppe ... 
... a truly charming Venetian trilogy at different times of the day - in my opinion, the jurors did not consider that in their appreciation ... or is there a problem with the people behind the panoramas? I don't hope so ... for me, every work is on the highest level with fine background informations !! Chapeau, Giuseppe, Christoph and Werner ...

Cordial regards
2018/05/18 23:12 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
I was expecting this observation and I'm glad you did it. It happens very rarely that three different people posting three panos of the same city consecutively. I do not remember it ever happened.

My opinion on the ratings is that there is no intentional discrimination. But I also think that quite often the evaluations do not correspond to the real value of the pano. In particular, all art Cities art are very often underestimated.

Another problem is that the search for new sights other than usual is not evaluated at all.
2018/05/18 23:41 , Giuseppe Marzulli
In the case of intentional discrimination, I'm definitely not sure - otherwise I'm completely d'accord, Giuseppe !!
2018/05/18 23:59 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle

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