Ein Morgen am Ramo Dragan   81575
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1 Ca' Da Mosto
2 Fondaco dei Tedeschi
3 Campanile di San Marco
4 San Bartolomeo
5 Fabbriche Nova
6 Anlegestelle Linie 1 Rialto Mercato
7 Fabbriche Vecchie
8 Canal Grande
9 Campo della Pescaria
10 Pescaria
11 Traghetto Pescaria
12 Palazzo Brandolin
13 Cà Favretto
14 Cà Pesaro
15 Traghetto di Santa Sofia


Location: Ramo Dragan, Venezia      by: Werner Schelberger
Area: Italy      Date: 22.05.2016
Es gibt nur wenige öffentliche Stellen am Canalazzo, an denen man einen Blick auf den gegenüberliegenden Campo della Pescaria und Mercato werfen kann. Einer davon ist am Ende der Ramo Dragan, einer unscheinbaren sehr engen Gasse, die von der Strada Nova zum Canal verläuft und am Anlegepoller endet. Die Aufnahmen entstanden am frühen Morgen.
Bei dem prägnanten Bau am gegenüberliegenden Ufer handelt es sich um die Alten Fabriken (Fabbriche Vecchie di Rialto), die zwischen 1520 und 1522 nach einem katastrophalen Brand entstanden und im unteren Teil Verkaufsflächen, in den oberen Geschossen den administrativen Teil des Marktes beherbergten. In den Arkaden sind heute wie bei den Neuen Fabriken Weinbars (Bacari) untergebracht und laden auf einen Ombra ein.


Für mein Empfinden ein fantastisches Panorama. Tolle Location, wunderschöne Aufnahme und eine super Umsetzung. Viele Grüsse Chris
2018/05/15 21:27 , Chris Rüger
Sehr schön geworden. Wie gerne hätte man eine Kettensäge dabei um die Anlege-Pflöcke zu kürzen ...
2018/05/15 21:47 , Christoph Seger
Very impressive.
2018/05/15 23:22 , Giuseppe Marzulli
I added the label to Ca' Da Mosto. 
Ca' Da Mosto is one of the best-preserved Venetian-Byzantine palaces on the Canal Grande and throughout the city. In 12th and 13th Century the palaces were also named "case-fondaco", that is, they served as both the residence of the noble family and the storage of precious goods that were traded with the Near East. The deep portico on the water served for the loading and unloading of goods, and it is extremely indicative of the essentially mercantile purpose of the entire building. It's still recognizable the classic "Torreselle" structure, that is, with the two wings lateral to the central body raised like two Towers (as it's more clear to be seen in Fondaco Dei Turchi near San Stae). In its original form the palace had only the first noble floor, characterized by the six openings with the typical round arches with raised pedestal and pointed extrados. In the course of the centuries other two floors were added, distorting the building. In any case the building is clearly visible in all its beauty mainly from Rialto. Unfortunately it can not be visited.
Ciao, Alvise
2018/05/16 10:34 , Alvise Bonaldo
Thank you for your detailed background information and your added labeling.
Sono sempre felice quando posso imparare qualcosa nuovo da un vero Veneziano :-)

Ciao Werner
2018/05/16 18:17 , Werner Schelberger
Excellent panorama, Werner ... 
... a truly charming Venetian trilogy at different times of the day - in my opinion, the jurors did not consider that in their appreciation ... or is there a problem with the people behind the panoramas? I don't hope so ... for me, every work is on the highest level with fine background informations !! Chapeau, Giuseppe, Christoph and Werner ...

Cordial regards
2018/05/18 23:12 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
Wundervoller Blick!
2018/05/26 10:28 , Hans Diter
Deine stillen Bilder aus dieser überlaufenen Stadt sind immer wieder faszinierend. VG Martin
2018/05/26 19:37 , Martin Kraus

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