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1 Skrajny Woloszyn
2 Hawran
3 Placzliwa Skala
4 Szalony Wierch
5 Jagniecy Szczyt
6 Kolowy Szczyt
7 Wielki Woloszyn
8 Staroleśny
9 Mlynarz
10 Gerlach
11 Ganek
12 Nizne Rysy
13 Rysy
14 Opalony Wierch
15 Mieguszowiecki Szczyt Wielki
16 Cybryna
17 Miedziane
18 Koprowy Szczyt
19 Hruby Szczyt
20 Krywan
21 Dzumbier
22 Kozi Wierch
23 Zadni Granat
24 Skrajny Granat
25 Czerwone Wierchy
26 Giewont
27 Zolta Turnia
28 Babia Gora
29 Waksmundzki Wierch
30 Wielka Koszysta


Location: Wielki Woloszyn (2155 m)      by: Konrad Sus
Area: Poland      Date: 01.05.2018
This year april was unnaturally warm, that`s the snow in Tatras disappeared quickly. High summits were available without winter equipment - at southern exposure. This is panorama from Wielki Woloszyn - excellent viewpoint to High Tatras. The path wasn`t easy, one by one I must traverse gullies with post-avalanche snow. But the prize was great.


2018/05/04 18:12 , Winfried Borlinghaus
Beautiful Tatra and a nice little part to the beskidy.
2018/05/05 07:03 , Friedemann Dittrich
Outstanding Tatra view - welcome back, Konrad !!

Cheers, Hans-Jörg
2018/05/05 08:00 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
Very nice pano Konrad!
Been in there in the 80's in late may several times and I remember that this snowfields can be big fun on the way back. But it might be forbidden to leave the trail nowdays.
2018/05/05 21:19 , Steffen Minack
2200m without snow equipment on 01.May.. Sounds really strange for me.. But a beautiful Pano!

greetings from Seb
2018/05/11 12:35 , Sebastian Becher

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Konrad Sus


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