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1 Duomo di San Maurizio
2 Oratorio di San Pietro
3 Palazzo Acquarone
4 Logge di Santa Chiara


Location: Imperia (Chiesa del Calvario)      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Italy      Date: 1 January 2018
The Church of Calvary is on a small hill of Imperia and is a very good vantage point on Porto Maurizio.


Come assomiglia, la chiesa, all'Assunta di Carignano!
2018/01/19 22:05 , Pedrotti Alberto
Somiglia molto, ma sono di due epoche diverse. Questa di Porto Maurizio è la chiesa più grande della Liguria.
2018/01/19 22:40 , Giuseppe Marzulli
It's quite long time ago (15 years ?) that we've been there, but I still remember such nice sightpoints along the coast. But I can't forget all the garbage left and right of the roads as well. We havn't seen this on the french side.

There is a minor problem at the horizon line quite above the Palazzo Acquarone.
2018/01/20 09:56 , Steffen Minack
Thanks, Steffen. I corrected.
I know well both the French Riviera and western Liguria and on the differences between the different areas I could say a lot. I will be very synthetic.
From the organizational point of view, there is no comparison between the two areas, in the sense that the French Riviera is much better organized. In Liguria, however, it is not common to see garbage on the side of the road.
From a landscape point of view, they were both one of the most beautiful areas in Europe, but they were both devastated by building speculation. However, a certain charm remained unchanged.
As a personal opinion, I really like the mountainous area of western Liguria.
2018/01/20 14:41 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Grazie for your explanation. Well, about the garbage - it's been an temporary situation probably, but it's still in my brain.
2018/01/21 10:01 , Steffen Minack
Very well presented amazing winter light combined with a very nice little town in front of a great landscape.
LG Jörg
2018/01/21 19:51 , Jörg Nitz
this is a terrific picture. I love the tones and the colour. perfect !!

Herzlichst Christoph
2018/01/23 22:18 , Christoph Seger
Can I be honest?
This really like also to me ;-)
2018/01/23 22:36 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Sehr schönes Licht und wunderbare Ortschaft!

Beste Grüsse & behüt Dich Gott,

2018/01/25 14:24 , Christian Hönig

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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