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1 Rug van Baarland plate, 9 - 11 km
2 Middle plate, 3 km
3 St-Gummarus Church (faintly visible), village of Steenbergen, North-Brabant, 43.5 km
4 Grote Onze-Lieve-Vrouwe church, village of Tholen, 34.3 km
5 Houses near former Kruiningen car ferry port, 17.7 km
6 Big Ossenisse plate, 13 - 15 km
7 Theodorus Harbor Bergen-op-Zoom, 34-35 km
8 Cargill Theodorus Harbor Bergen-op-Zoom, 34.9 km
9 Industry Theodorus harbor Bergen-op-Zoom, 34.3 km
10 St-Gertrudis Church, center city of Bergen-op-Zoom, North-Brabant, 36 km
11 New apartment building on Bergse Plaat, Bergen-op-Zoom, 34.1 km
12 Apartments Groeshof, Bergen-op-Zoom, 37.3 km
13 Radar near Waarde, 18.1 km
14 Small harbor of Griete, 3.7 km
15 Holy Martinus Church, village of Kloosterzande, 12.7 km
16 Radar Saeftinghe, 25.7 km
17 Ridge of about 25 to 30 m height called Brabant Wal or Zoom marking the beginning of heather landscape continuing into Belgium as Kalmthoutse heide, 35 km
18 BASF Antwerp Harbor (B), 29.5 - 30.9 km
19 Noorderkaai container terminal Antwerp Harbor, 29.3 - 30.3 km
20 Doel nuclear plant (B), 27 km
21 Bazalt Promenade Othene, 2.5 km
22 Container terminal Deurganck, left bank Antwerp Harbor (B), 29.4-30.6 km
23 Othene suburb Terneuzen, 2-3 km
24 Antwerp Petroleum Harbor, 33 km
25 Cathedral Antwerp city (B), 41.8 km
26 Boerentower KBC bank Antwerp (B), 42 km
27 Village of Zaamslag, 6.1 km
28 Hampshire hotel, Terneuzen, 1 km
29 Apartment buildings at Jan Denucé street, Antwerp (B), 41.7 km
30 Crowne Plaza hotel, Antwerp (B), 42.9 km
31 Holy Willibrordus Basilica, Hulst (NL), 16.8 km


Location: Terneuzen, Waterfront (70 m)      by: Mentor Depret
Area: Netherlands      Date: 2017 10 30 6:50 PM wt
This pano to the east was shot on the same day as my previous pano 22930 but one and a half hour later (6:50 PM wt), just after the lights were lit. Both panos have the same dimensions and focal length so they can be directly compared to each other.

Canon Eos M6 with EF-M 18-150 mm, 16 pics, 150 mm (240 mm KB), iso 250, f 6.3, 1/8 s, PTGuiPro, 30000x2504 px 280.7 MB TIFF, crop to h=2322, downsized 6460x500 1.8 MB JPEG


Very impressive.
2018/01/18 22:36 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Very nice pair. Could you arrange the location (knowing it'as crowded on the map) so that the other one appears on the three nearest panos at the right? Cheers, Martin
2018/01/19 19:22 , Martin Kraus
@Martin, thx for the comment, I moved the mark just above the one of the previous pano, both now right of the cluster.
2018/01/20 00:02 , Mentor Depret
First I thought: oh no, again the same landscape and the same motif. But you show always another light, another time of day or another boat - or all these things together.
LG Jörg
2018/01/21 19:58 , Jörg Nitz
@ Jörg. I simply document the different aspects and many details which can be observed from and around the "only" high, private tower in the flat region. This requires more than just a few panos. If you look to my portfolio, they are all quite different.
2018/01/22 12:02 , Mentor Depret

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