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1 Monte di Brianza, 877m
2 Consonno
3 Monte Cornizzolo, 1241m
4 Monte Rai, 1261m
5 Olginate
6 Ponte Cesare Cantù
7 Galbiate
8 Corno di Canzo Occidentale, 1373m
9 Corno di Canzo Centrale, 1368m
10 Lago di Olginate
11 Monte Barro, 922m
12 Monte Moregallo, 1276m
13 Pescate
14 Monte Stabiello, 2116m
15 Lago di Garlate
16 Pizzo di Gino, 2245m
17 Monte Tabor, 2079m
19 Monte Bregagno, 2107m
20 Calolziocorte
21 Castello dell'Innominato
22 Monte Coltignone, 1479m
23 Grigna Meridionale, 2177m


Location: Monte Marenzo      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Italy      Date: 19 November 2017
Valle San Martino is a valley formed by the river Adda, after the river has left Lecco.


Italy should stop to build on every piece of land, certainly in the Alps.
2017/12/04 12:52 , Mentor Depret
Hi Mentor. I will reply a little polemically. I think it is always wrong to make peremptory statements about complex situations, perhaps not well known.

1) Lombardy has more than 10 million inhabitants and they must stay somewhere
2) Italy is slowly emerging from the harshest economic crisis of its recent history. In this period, the sector most in crisis was that of construction. In the last years in Italy, except for few areas, very little has been built.
3) Are these buildings too many? Maybe. But this is a fairly rich and geographically pleasing area and it is normal for people to try to live there.

In conclusion, my opinion is that in this area has not built too much, but it is built with disorder and with poor infrastructure.
2017/12/04 18:47 , Giuseppe Marzulli
very intersting view!
2017/12/06 19:22 , Christoph Seger
A very instructive viewpoint, as always. Cheers, Martin
2017/12/14 19:17 , Martin Kraus

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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