North of Ossenisse on the Scheldt dike 360°   11961
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1 BASF Antwerp port, 20.5 km
2 old dike
3 Doel nuclear power plant (B), 21.6 km
4 Natural reserve with Barnacle geese around the pond
5 Old dike
6 Old dike
7 Church Kloosterzande (NL), 4.9 km
8 Church Ossenisse, 1.8 km
9 Natural reserve
10 pano 22534
11 Waterfront watchtower Terneuzen, 12.3 km
12 Terneuzen center, 12.4 km
13 DowDupont, 14.5 km
14 Radar near dike, 5 km
15 Rug van Baarland plate, about 2.4 km
16 Communication tower Goes, 12.8 km
17 Church Kapelle, 9 km
18 Hansweert industry, 4.9 km
19 Big Ossenisse plate, 1 to 3 km
20 Coordination center Hansweert, 4.8 km
21 Church Kruiningen, 6.1 km
22 swallow
23 Old Kruiningen car ferry port, 5.2 km
24 Wind mills on Oesterdam Eastern Scheldt, 17.8 km


Location: Ossenisse (10 m)      by: Mentor Depret
Area: Netherlands      Date: 2017 09 17
I made this 360° pano on the dike, where the big meander of river Scheldt begins to turn to the south again, at lands end let's say. It is low tide and the sandbanks appear all around. Tide difference is huge: 4.5 to 5.5 m. Look how high (8 to10 m) the dike is above the 'polder' land which is often 2 m to 4 m below high tide. So all this land was won on the river, step by step since the Middle Ages until recently. As such, the landscape is crossed with many older, much lower dikes. The small village of Ossenisse is nearby and is already mentioned since the year 1164. It was often inundated in earlier times when the old dikes collapsed. There was also a small harbor at Zeedorp but that disappeared within the new dike. Many of the lowest 'polders' are given back to nature and are reclassified as natural reserves :-). It is a nice area for those who want to enjoy the silence and noises of nature and of course to bike.

Canon Eos M6 with EF-M 18-150 mm, 29 pics, 50mm (80 mm KB), iso 160, f 8, 1/800 s, PTGuiPro, 30000x 1281 px 154.9 MB TIFF, crop to 984 px and downsized 15244x500 2.5 MB jpeg


Bei diesen Dimensionen eine sehr gelungene Arbeit die ich mir gerne angesehen habe. Herzliche Grüße Velten
2017/11/11 05:37 , Velten Feurich

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