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1 Blyszcz
2 Nowa Gora
3 Tatry
4 Luban - 1225 m
5 Pasterski Wierch
6 Tylmanowa - starting point
7 Gorc Kamienicki - 1228 m
8 Mogielica - 1171 m
9 Modyn
10 Ostra


Location: Koziarz (943 m)      by: Konrad Sus
Area: Poland      Date: 17.10.2017
This is my third time visiting Koziarz, but this time from village Tylmanowa in Dunajec River Valley. The treil takes about 2 hours of ascent and 1,5 descent. With resting and taking photos we need more than 4 hours. I have waiting for full autumn colors and good weather, and I caught it.


Could be longer, but very nice autumn picture.
2017/10/19 17:36 , Friedemann Dittrich
Some could guess there are to much of colors, but this can be the reality.
I remember well some areas in the Mala Fatra at the late afternoon, once with lots of red foliage of berries - there was red light everywhere.
2017/10/20 14:26 , Steffen Minack
I have seen so many coloured trees under blue sky in Ticino last week, that my eyes actually welcomed relaxing in my concrete-surrounded work environment ;-) Cheers, Martin
2017/10/21 14:24 , Martin Kraus
Friedmann: could be longer, but its difficult, because it was taken from sight tower - disturbing pales, not possible full 360 degrees
Steffen: its reality, we call its Golden Polish Autumn, beautiful but very short season. In Beskides mts there are many kinds of leafy trees, every has differet color in the middle of october.
2017/10/22 09:05 , Konrad Sus

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