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1 Radar, 8.1 km
2 Coordination center Hansweert, 17 km
3 Saint Gertrudis church Bergen op Zoom, 35.6 km
4 Church Ossenisse, 11.5 km
5 Container ship in bend of Walsoorden, 15.7 km


Location: Terneuzen, Waterfront (70 m)      by: Mentor Depret
Area: Netherlands      Date: 2017 09 19
The Emma Maersk is a regular visitor of Antwerp and the major European ports. She was put into service in 2006 and at that time the flagship of the company as the biggest container carrier in the world measuring: 397 m long, 56.0 m wide, 16.02 m draught, 171,542 gross tonnage, 156,907 deadweight.
Every year, container ships get bigger and bigger but the biggest today: the Madrid Maersk has about the same length and draught (399 m and 16.02m ) as Emma. However, the Madrid is 58.6 m wide and dept defined as the difference between deck and keel is 33 m compared to 30 m for Emma. At a first glance, these outside differences look small but combined with a more rectangular hull this results in a significant higher gross tonnage and deadweight for the Madrid: 214,286 and 206,000 respectively. As such, the Madrid can carry 20568 TEU containers while Emma only 14770 TEU's. TEU stands for twenty-foot long, eight-foot wide equivalent container units. However this is an inexact unit of cargo capacity because height isn't defined at all. Most containers on these big ships however are forty-foot, eight-foot equivalent units or FEU's. So when you see a fully loaded Emma or Madrid Maersk, the number of containers (TEU's and mostly FEU's) is something like 7350-9000 and 10250-13000 respectively.
Look how high her bridge is. Must be about 65 m above the water level.
In my opinion, these mega container ships reflect madness of our society based on ever increasing consumption and destruction of natural habitat.

Canon Eos M6, 18-150 mm EF-M, 6 pics, 150 mm (240 mm KB) with pano crop about 280 mm KB, iso 200, f 9, 1/1000 s, stitched with Hugin, downsized: 4267x500, 931 KB.


Thanks a lot for these notices. 
No doubt that the ship looks enormous. Particularly the number of containers is really exceptional. It's inevitable to think about all the goods that are contained there, travelling daily worldwide, from Far East to USA and Europe, just to satisfy our sinned desire for "things".
Just today I read that the ships that spend every weekend in Venice - even six/eight at a time - are only a little less than 300 meters long - a hundred meters shorter than Emma Maersk, but in a much narrower space! See my #21865 (Costa Deliziosa, 294 meters long, 32,25 meters wide).

Ciao, Alvise
2017/09/26 08:59 , Alvise Bonaldo
Very interesting, thanks.
2017/09/30 14:05 , Martin Kraus

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