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Location: Warszawa (80 m)      by: Konrad Sus
Area: Poland      Date: 22.08.2017
Grave-monument on the square march. Józef Pilsudski in Warsaw. The idea of the Warsaw Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is to commemorate the memory of those killed in the struggle for independence. The Warsaw Tomb of the Unknown Soldier was unveiled on November 2, 1925, under the colonnade of the Saxon Palace. On this day, the remains of a nameless soldier were brought to him, brought at a special ceremony from the Lviv Defenders Cemetery. The creator of the tomb was the artist-sculptor Stanislaw Kazimierz Ostrowski.


Interesting and informative. LG Arno
2017/09/16 23:29 , Arno Bruckardt

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Konrad Sus


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