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Location: Agia Triada monastery (80 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Greece      Date: 10-07-2015
This monastery is not far from the airport of Chania.
It is indeed worth to pay a visit to this blessed place before heading to the Governetto monastery, higher on the hill, and to the singular concentration of attractions lying between the latter and the seaside north of it. Interested people are referred to the quite detailed document
In 2011, while cycling to Governetto, I had hidden inside a little rock hole the box where I had packed the bicycle for the flight. Namely, I planned to return by ship, but I thought wise to preserve it till the end of the Cretan stay, just in case...
In 2015, in order to remember those old adventures, I decided to climb up to the hole. With utmost surprise, I found the box was still there! No longer inside the hole, but a few metres below it. Perhaps it was not suitable for use, but for example what I had written on it was still clearly readable.
So, a moment later I was cycling back to Agia Triada with a load of two boxes:
The old one was heading to the trash bin, and the new one to a repository within the monastery, where an assistants of the monks had gently accepted to keep it.
Well, I understand that this may fail to be an orthodox presentation of an Orthodox monastery. But, for a more conventional one, you can resort to whichever source you want...


Fantastic representation of this place. I only know this in the midday sun. But isn't Gouverneto down in the gorge (along the very nice and interesting path down to the sea) rather than up the hill? Cheers, Martin
2017/09/16 20:18 , Martin Kraus
Governetto lies on the saddle. Then, going down to the sea, you first find the Panagia Arkoudiotissa, inside a cave, and then the Katholikon, clambered on a rock wall. In the GPS track everything is documented in detail.
Cheers, Alberto.
2017/09/19 15:48 , Pedrotti Alberto

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