Cologne from the top of the panorama tower (yes - that is it's name)   4903
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Location: Cologne triangle aka panorama tower (103 m)      by: Barcud Revnik
Area: Germany      Date: 21.8.2017
A panorama of Cologne from the top of the Triangle AKA panorama tower. Several problems - the top has a diameter of about 25m (even at that distance parallax problems are apparent) and there are glass windows only - no "unobstructed" view (that is what caused the slight banding in the sky).

Had to give it a go anyway and the result is - well - sort of OK.
Ended up using 11 RAW images Pentax K1 with Sigma 10-20 on 20mm f10 ISO100 1/250s.

The tower is 103m high and offers a great view over Cologne, the river Rhine and the land around it.


Very interesting new perspective on Cologne. Especially I like the clear view to the Siebengebirge in the distance. Considering the hard shooting conditions I think this it a well done work. But some buildings at the bottom of the first part seem to be tilted. Can you fix it?
2017/08/30 22:38 , Jörg Braukmann
Vertical control points did not help so far - perhaps using a different stitcher - might give it a go. Otherwise the only option would be using a mesh deform I guess? Any suggestions?
2017/08/30 23:02 , Barcud Revnik
Panorama Studio is often praised for such motifs.
2017/08/30 23:10 , Jörg Braukmann
First of all: Welcome back! For your return you chose a really challenging one - these cityscapes are not easy to stitch. Cheers, Martin
2017/09/03 14:46 , Martin Kraus

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