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1 Ski dome Terneuzen 5 km
2 Sluiskill industry (NL) 6.5 km
3 Sluiskill bridge over sea canal
4 Wind mills in Belgium around Arcelor Mittal 17 km
5 Arcelor Mittal (B) most polluting iron factory in Europe 18 km
6 Rodenhuize coal power plant, 23 km
7 St Bavo's Cathedral 89 m, Ghent (B), 32.6 km
8 Belfry Ghent, 95m, 32.6 km
9 Saint Nicholas Church Ghent, 32.6 km
10 KBC Artevelde Tower 119 m, Ghent (B), 36.9 km
11 UFO
12 No idea what they are doing on this ship
13 Saint Vincent Church (93.5 m), Eeklo (B), 25 km
14 Sea lock 290x40x12.5 m Terneuzen, 1.6 km
15 Typical old Holland wind mill, Hoek, 4.8 km
16 Wind mills along express road Antwerp - Knokke (B), 25 km
17 Drive in to 6.6 km long Westerschelde tunnel, 2.4 km
18 Church of our Lady 115 m, Bruges (B), 46 km
19 Belfry Bruges 83 m, 44.8 km
20 Wind mills along canal Brugge-Zeebrugge (B), 43-44 km
21  No idea what this curious light can be? Even during the day I see nothing there. Maybe it is the flash from the lighthouse in Oostende and if so this is the farthest element I can detect here at 62 km???
22 Water tower Oostburg (NL), 25 km
23 Container cranes Zeebrugge port (B), 44.7 km
24 Dow Chemical Terneuzen, 3.2 km


Location: Terneuzen (70 m)      by: Mentor Depret
Area: Netherlands      Date: 2017 08 20
This is the first of 2 night views to the South from the Waterfront building: a 237.5 mm KB tele and coming a 44 mm normal view. I prefer to start with the tele version as some Belgian objects on the horizon can be better distinguished: St Bavo's Cathedral and Belfry of Ghent, Church of our Lady and Belfry of Bruges. The Church of our Lady in Bruges (Brugge in Dutch) is the farthest object I can see from the building, 46 km away. This church is 115 m high and the second highest brick tower in the world.
In addition, you can admire a lot of industry located along the 32 km long Sea Canal Ghent-Terneuzen which is capable of accommodating ships of up to 125.000 gross tonnage. Scrolling to the right you have the strong lights along 290 m x 40 m x 12.5 m sea lock here in Terneuzen, although this year, they will start with the construction of an even bigger one: 427 m x 49 m x 15 m.
The pano ends at right in a sea of light with a view at the Dow Chemical factory in Terneuzen, as if it is always Christmas there...

CanonG1Xmark2, 22 pics, 62.5 mm (118.75 mm KB) + extra digi lens making 237.5 mm KB, iso 250, f 7.1, 4 s, stitched in Hugin, downsized and sharpened a little in preview Apple, end result is 15572x500 px, 2.2 MB.


Chaotic and interesting at the same time. Perhaps a shorter tele could be better?
2017/08/27 12:11 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
I agree as a stand alone it looks chaotic but next I will show an 68 mm KB night view and then this pano will clarify the horizon details you cannot see on the latter and be appreciated.
I my view, this pano offers a treasure of horizon information.
2017/08/27 19:31 , Mentor Depret

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