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1 Monveso di Forzo, 3322m
2 Fontanetto Po
3 Torre di Lavina, 3308m
4 Rosa dei Banchi, 3164m
5 Punta Tersiva, 3512m
6 Monte Glacier, 3186m
7 Cima di Bonze, 2516m
8 Bec Renon, 2266m
9 Grand Combin de Grafeneire, 4314m
10 Becca del Merlo, 3234m
11 Imbocco Valle d'Aosta
12 Borgo d'Ale
13 Becca di Leseney, 3504m
14 Palazzolo Vercellese
15 Monte dell'Aquila, 2581m
16 Corno del Lago, 2747m
17 Becca Torche,3016m
18 Becca Vlou, 3032m
19 Colma di Mombarone, 2371m
20 Monte Nery, 3075m
21 Monte Mars, 2600m
22 Monte Mucrone, 2335m
23 Centrale Termoelettrica di Leri Cavour
25 Biella
26 Strahlhorn, 4190m; 97,7Km
27 Chiesa Madonna delle Vigne
28 Stelihorn, 3436m
29 Weissmies, 4023m; 108,2Km
30 Abbazia di Lucedio
31 Monte Barone, 2044m
32 Monte Leone, 3553m; 120,6Km
33 Castello di Gavala, 1827m
34 Cima di Capezzone, 2421m
35 Massa del Turlo, 1958m
36 Monte Massone, 2161m
37 Cima della Laurasca, 2195m
38 Monte Zeda, 2156m
39 Monte Limidario, 2188m
40 Madom Gröss, 2741m
41 Pizzo di Vogorno, 2442m
42 Torrone Alto, 2950m
44 Fiume Po


Location: Rocca delle Donne      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Italy      Date: 20 May 2017
12 photos; 150 mm; f8; 1/1600 sec.; 100 ISO.


Very beautiful, esp. due to the lively foreground with the flooded fields. (Cultivation of rice, I assume?) - LG Björn
2017/05/27 09:19 , Müller Björn
Yes, they are cultivations of rice. This is the place in Europe where there is the largest rice production. Obviously it is nothing compared to Chinese rice production. But this is much better and "risotto" is a typical preparation of Italian cuisine, of which I am very fond.
2017/05/27 10:41 , Giuseppe Marzulli
...just see that my question was answered by the title already - reading sometimes just helps... - Björn
2017/05/27 14:29 , Müller Björn
Lots of interesting detail, and a stunning contrast between the plain and the highest mountains. The North side of the Alps is much less abrupt. Cheers, Martin
2017/05/28 20:29 , Martin Kraus
Incredible view at the Alps!
2017/05/29 16:56 , Sebastian Becher

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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