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1 Omalos plateau
2 Refuge Kallergi, 1600
3 Melindaou, 2133
4 Ornio, 2151
5 Agio Pneuma, 2254
6 Svourikti, 2356
7 Mesa Soros, 2349
8 Pachnes W, 2435
9 Pachnes, 2453
10 Samaria gorge
11 Avlimanalou Korifi, 1857
12 Katsigianni Myti, 1792
13 Zaranokefala, 2099
14 Vigla, 604
15 Agios Pavlos
16 Volakias S summit
17 Tripiti gorge
18 Psilafi, 1980
19 Gingilos central, 1964
20 Gingilos NE, 1974


Location: Volakias (2117 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Greece      Date: 15-07-2015
When in 2011 I slept on the very top of Volakias (goo.gl/tyEkch), I did not shoot panoramas, mainly because there was an incredible amount of haze all around.
The descent from the top was going to reserve to me a surprise: namely, when I was a few metres from the road end at Xiloskalo, I realized that the sleeping bag was no longer hanging outside the backpack... It could have fallen anywhere between the Volakias and the road end, including the NE summit of Gingilos that I had reached meanwhile with a detour from the classical path Xiloskalo - Linoseli - Gingilos central summit - Volakias.
The setting turned out to be nearly a worst-case one: namely, I found the lost object hanging from the side of a bush a few metres below the Volakias summit. This is why that time I climbed the summit twice in a day...
In 2015, during the complex loop described in the GPS track linked below, things on the Volakias went much smoother, also because, within a tour like that, Linoseli - Volakias was the only known and quiet stretch. The conditions for panoramization were better, so I went to roost on the sharp summit stone, where - not unlike on Cerro Madsen, in Patagonia - I managed to collect some acrobatic shots for a 360°. Needless to say, the latter required some masking activity for a consistent stitch.
Curiously, of the long series of summit panoramas from the Lefka Ori, supported by two people (Martin Kraus and me), this is the first coming from the half lying west of Samaria.
If you allow you the time to play around the links into the 2011 and 2015 albums, you will discover some of the incredible rock formations that can be found near the summit of Volakias.

Original size: goo.gl/w8M42V
GPS track: www.wikiloc.com/wikiloc/view.do?id=10724499


The Lefka Ori with some green - very nice for a change. Only the data on wikiloc give me some irritation looking at your incredible fitness ;-) Cheers, Martin
2017/02/12 16:40 , Martin Kraus

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Pedrotti Alberto

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