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1 Torre Breda
2 Torre Diamante
3 Pirellone
4 Torre Solaria
5 Torre Servizi Tecnici Comunali
6 Torre Galfa
8 Torre Unicredit
9 Palazzo Lombardia, 43Km
10 Bosco Verticale
11 Torre A Garibaldi
12 Torre B Garibaldi
13 Antenna RAI Corso Sempione
14 Monte Tibert, 2647m; 242,4Km
15 Torre Allianz (Torre Isozaki)
16 Punta Tempesta, 2679m; 242,9Km
17 Torre Generali
18 Rocca Meia, 2831m; 248,9Km
19 Ponte San Pietro
20 Monte Rastcias, 2404m
21 Monte Cugulet, 2494m
22 Monte Oronaye (Tête de Moïse), 3104m
23 Monte Chersogno, 3026m; 243,8Km
24 Torri Bianche di Vimercate
25 Cima delle Lobbie, 3015m
26 Punta Malta, 2995m
27 Punta Trento, 2970m
28 Punta Michelis, 3154m
29 MONVISO, 3841m; 230,7Km
30 Visolotto, 3348m
31 Punta Gastaldi, 3210m
32 Chiesa Presezzo
33 Punta Roma, 3069m
34 Punta Venezia, 3096m
35 L'Asti, 3287m
36 Punta Granero, 3166m
37 Crete de la Taillante, 3197m
38 Le Grand Queyras, 3114m
39 Pic Segure, 2990m
40 Monte Palavas (Tête du Pelvas), 2929m
41 Bric Bouchet, 2997m
42 Punta Cornour, 2867m
43 Punta Cialancia, 2855m
44 Gran Queyron, 3060m
45 Cima di Frappier, 3003m
46 Punta Ramiere (Bric Froid), 3302m
47 Punta Rognosa, 3280m
48 Monte Orsiera, 2890m
49 Cima Ciantiplagna, 2849m
50 Punta Lunella, 2772m
51 Chiesa di Locate
52 Italcementi di Calusco d'Adda
53 Rocciamelone, 3538m
54 Monte Lera, 3355m
55 La Croce Rossa, 3565m
56 Chiesa di Calusco d'Adda
57 Pointe de Charbonnel (F), 3752m
58 La Bessanese, 3592m
59 Gran Ciamarella, 3676m
60 Levanna Orientale, 3555m
61 Levanna Centrale, 3619m
62 Levanna Occidentale, 3593m
63 GRAN PARADISO,4061m; 185,2Km
64 Herbétet, 3778m
65 Rosa dei Banchi, 3164m
66 Monte Mucrone, 2335m


Location: Bergamo (Fontana) (308 m)      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Italy      Date: 27 December 2016
This pano was taken from a few hundred meters from home.
Visibility was truly exceptional. It happens rarely.
Milan is far away 40-45 Km.

11 photos; 300mm (full format); f6,3; 1 sec.; 160 ISO; with tripod.


2017/02/08 14:15 , Jens Vischer
Some of us are far away from the alps, you have this beautiful sight in front of your door ! Very good distant view conditions !
I miss a bit sharpness, but the air is flickering maybe.
2017/02/08 17:59 , Steffen Minack
Monviso and Levanna seen from home ... no way to compete here with Altkönig or Melibokus. Cheers, Martin
2017/02/09 21:13 , Martin Kraus
Thanks for the comments. I think that peculiarity of this pano is the great distances and in particular the distance of Milan. It is not too rare to be able to see from home Monviso or Levanna or Monte Rosa. It is much more rare that you can see the skyscrapers of Milan with reasonable clarity.
The center of Milan is situated about 43-44 Km. If you have tried to photograph a city 43 km away, you know how hard it is.
To give an idea, I think it would be almost like photographing München from Augsburg....
2017/02/09 22:52 , Giuseppe Marzulli
At first I wondered about the christmas tree below Monviso, then I looked to the capture date...
Saluti Wolfgang
2017/02/09 23:39 , Wolfgang Bremer
Indeed, this is exceptionally clear as all smoke and moisture near the surface have gone.
2017/02/10 13:17 , Mentor Depret
I actually lived quite close to your home for two years when I was a child, can´t remember much though ;)
2017/02/10 22:03 , Johannes Ha

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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