The Apennines from Amora   61250
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1 Ryanair airplane
2 Monte Cimone, 2165m; 191,5Km
3 Monte Cusna, 2121m; 173,5Km
4 Monte Cavalbianco, 1855m; 170,6Km
5 Monte la Nuda, 1893m
6 Monte Casarola, 1979m
7 Alpe di Succiso, 2016m; 165,1Km
8 Monte Losanna, 1856m
9 Monte Sillara, 1861m
10 Monte Brusa, 1794m
11 Monte Marmagna, 1852m
12 Monte Molinatico, 1550m
13 Monte Barigazzo, 1284m
14 Monte Pratobello, 1191m
15 Monte Carameto, 1318m
16 Monte Ragola, 1711m; 134,7Km
17 Monte Nero, 1758m
18 Monte Maggiorasca, 1809m; 139,4Km
19 Monte Alfeo, 1650m
20 Monte Penice, 1460m
21 Monte Lesima, 1724m (pano 20654)
22 Tartago, 1688m
23 Monte Chiappo, 1700m; 130,6Km
24 Monte Ebro, 1701m
25 Cosfrone, 1667m
26 Monte Giarolo, 1473m
27 Monte Leco, 1072m
28 Monte Taccone, 1113m
29 Monte delle Figne, 1172m


Aufnahmestandort: Amora      Fotografiert von: Giuseppe Marzulli
Gebiet: Italy      Datum: 30 December 2016
Amora is just a small and unknown village in the Alps, in Seriana Valley, near Bergamo. But allows an interesting view on the Apennines.

9 photos; 185mm; f8; 1/200 sec.; 160 ISO; with tripod.


"Amo Amora" ;-) 
Fantastic light and silhouettes - impressive pano, Giuseppe!!

Tanti saluti, Hans-Jörg
12.01.2017 21:04 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
Sorry to disappoint Hans-Jörg ;-)
But the etymology of Amora seems has nothing to do with "Amore" (Love in Italian).
It seems to derive from "Dimora" (house), as originally in the place there were some huts used as a dwelling by nomadic shepherds....
12.01.2017 21:19 , Giuseppe Marzulli
It was just a joke - i read "Amora" and a german guy thinks about "italian amore" ;-) - i think "mi piace" is the better translation!?! Thx very much for your helpful description, Giuseppe!

Cheers, Hans-Jörg
12.01.2017 21:24 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
Bella questa faccenda.
Fa il paio con il commento di Alvise al mio N.31857 su Alpen.
Saluti, Alberto.
12.01.2017 21:26 , Pedrotti Alberto
Impressive view!
14.01.2017 09:28 , Peter Brandt
Once more a great document for a far view to the Apennine Mountains. May be we get a return of a weather like this in the next week. I am looking forward to documenations like this in your area.
LG Jörg
14.01.2017 17:53 , Jörg Nitz

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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