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1 Capo Stella
2 Monte Capo Stella, 155m
3 Monte Orello, 377m
4 Monte Barbatoia, 359m
5 Monte San Martino, 370m
6 Le Calanche. 905m
7 Monte Capanne, 1017m
8 Monte Giove, 853m
9 Punta delle Grotte
10 Torre della Linguella
11 Monte Enfola, 134m
12 Portoferraio
13 Faro di Portoferraio
14 Isola di Capraia
15 Bagnaia
16 Scoglietto di Portoferraio


Location: Castello del Volterraio (394 m)      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Italy      Date: 24 April 2016
The fortress of Volterraio is the oldest fortification on the island of Elba. It is located on a rocky outcrop and allows a wide view over the Gulf of Portoferraio and over large part of the whole island.


Green and abundantly forested.
2016/12/04 17:05 , Mentor Depret
Hello Mentor. Once the characteristic of Elba were the vineyards. Many of those forests in the lower elevations were vineyards. Then, tourism has replaced the wine business.
However in the pano you can still see some vineyards. The wine of Elba is not widely known outside the island, but, for my taste, it is excellent.
2016/12/04 17:45 , Giuseppe Marzulli
I completely agree. The Elba Rosso is always the first thing to buy when we enter the island. Another tradition is that we usually forget to pack the cork-screwer. But luckily Italian Coop markets are very well equipped :-)
2016/12/04 18:57 , Christoph Seger
Thanks for continuing the series - this gives me a much more realistic view and I understand the opposition to the comment onm your last pano. Cheers, Martin
2016/12/05 20:11 , Martin Kraus
@ Christoph: more or less I do the same thing ;-)
@Martin: as I remember, it was the first time I disagree with you ;-)
2016/12/05 21:55 , Giuseppe Marzulli
For me your best one of Elba.
LG Jörg
2016/12/07 20:53 , Jörg Nitz

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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