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1 Rio La Leona
2 Lago Argentino
3 El Calafate airport
4 Cerro Moyano, 1499
5 2768
6 Cerro Buenos Aires (1535)
7 N.18358, 1424m
8 Ruta 40
9 La Chispita


Location: Ruta 40 (186 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Argentina      Date: 04-02-2014
After the last very relaxed panoramas, let me try out a somewhat more dramatic atmosphere.


Fantastic! Did you also stop at the La Leona roadhouse?
2016/08/11 21:17 , Jens Vischer
No, I did not stop there. You can follow the description on
After the junction Ruta 11 - Ruta 40, but well before your N.14397 (from which, as you certainly did not fail to note, you nearly see my Standort) I was caught by a violent storm coming suddenly from the Hielo Sur. However, I did not care, being decided to reach the so called "pink house", the half-ruined building that is the classical shelter of "lost" cyclists in this stretch of Ruta 40. Some kms past the very poor shelter that you see at the left margin of the pano (I marked it La Chispita, after some graffiti that I read on its walls), but well before your N.12319, I found two Chilean cyclists coming from the Carretera Austral. They had hands so frozen that they barely could hold their handlebars - actually, they told me to be at their first serious Patagonian storm. Luckily for them, as a piano player I always carry a multiple provision of gloves, so I had thick winter gloves for both. But I had to remain with them, so we returned together to La Chispita.
While they were recovering, the storm cleared and there was a sudden outbursts of sunset colours. So I rushed to the bridge to take photos. Meanwhile, they mounted their tent inside the shelter - actually, a stable used to shave the sheep.
The next day I passed both the legendary pink house (former Parador Luz Divina, if I remember well) and the civilized Parador La Leona, this time aiming I do not remember where, but my expectations were mortified by the headwind coming from the west that I met after the turn in direction El Chaltén. So I found shelter in the curious mode that you see in the subsequent images. This solution had been taught to me in Puerto Madryn by two cyclists from Vienna, who had just learned it by some local while cycling down the Ruta 3 - the highway along the Atlantic.
2016/08/11 22:11 , Pedrotti Alberto

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Pedrotti Alberto

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