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1 Malnate
3 Seminario di Venegono Inferiore
4 Aeroporto di Malpensa
5 Cazzago Brabbia
6 Groppello di Gavirate
8 Lago di Comabbio
9 Comabbio
10 Isolino Virginia
11 Biandronno
12 Monviso, 3841m; 187,4Km
13 Punta Cialancia, 2855m
14 Lago di Monate
15 Lago Maggiore
16 Monte Orsiera, 2890m
17 Punta Lunella, 2772m
18 Monte Lera, 3355m
19 La Croce Rossa, 3565m; 144,2Km
20 Punta d'Arnas (Ouille d'Arbéron), 3554m
21 Colma di Mombarone, 2371m; 74,8Km
22 Monte Mucrone, 2335m


Location: Campo dei Fiori (Piazzale Belvedere) (1123 m)      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Italy      Date: 17 July 2016


Fantastic with increase to the right. Monviso is an absolute eye-catcher!
2016/07/19 23:05 , Jörg Braukmann
Herrlich, diese Sicht bis in die Ebene.
PS: I can see once the Lago di Varese and even a piece of the Lago Maggiore from Monte Generoso. But then the plaine of Lombardy sank in the haze and the Monviso was not to see. A very old panorama that I should make me again in the absence of new recordings.
2016/07/19 23:26 , Heinz Höra
Thanks for the comments.
Heinz: I saw your old pano from Monte Generoso. It is very nice and I'm glad that you've already seen the area.
2016/07/21 20:45 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Beautiful light and great far view!
2016/07/23 08:05 , Friedemann Dittrich
Once more a great view with far distances and nice evening light.
LG Jörg
2016/07/23 12:11 , Jörg Nitz
Monviso is the highlight. Cheers, Martin
2016/07/24 15:51 , Martin Kraus
Sei convenzionato con il Monviso!
2016/07/26 19:33 , Pedrotti Alberto

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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