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1 Torre di Piscinní
2 Capo Teulada
3 Isola Rossa
4 Isola Campionna
5 Spiaggia di Piscinní


Location: Piscinní (44 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Italy      Date: 01-01-2013
The present one belongs to a system of towers built in the XVII century in order to defend the SW coast of Sardegna.

Location: 38.90559 8.781244

For interested people, if any, I enclose a list of several other towers in the vicinity.
Each one is preceded by a number which, when prefixed by
gives a link into a photo documenting a GPS track, such that the object can be readily located.

8506852 Flumentorgiu
8507287 Cala Domestica
8568739 Cannai
8568928 Budello
8568994 Capo Malfatano
8569051 Chia
8565588 Coltellazzo di Nora


This wonderful view is for me a perfect start in this rainy morning.
2016/06/30 08:25 , Jens Vischer
Si sente il profumo delle ginestre 
se sono ginestre...
Ciao, Alvise
2016/06/30 12:19 , Alvise Bonaldo
The blessings of an endless archive... Cheers, Martin
2016/07/02 10:57 , Martin Kraus
- my thoughts excactly...KR Jan.
2016/07/04 17:22 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen

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Pedrotti Alberto

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