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1 Iseo
2 Colombaro
3 Monte Alto, 650m
4 Montecolo, 291m
5 Clusane
6 Sarnico
7 Predore
8 Punta Alta, 953m
9 Sulzano
10 Isola di San Paolo
11 pano 19922
12 Gallinarga
13 Monte Bronzone, 1334m
14 Peschiera Maraglio
15 Vigolo
16 Monte Gremalto, 1323m
17 Monte Mandolino, 1106m
19 Madonna della Ceriola
20 Parzanica
21 Monte Creo', 1106m
22 Fonteno
23 Solto Collina
24 Riva di Solto
25 Esmate
26 Isola di Loreto
27 Carzano
28 Zorzino
29 Monte Clemo, 789m
30 San Defendente
31 Marone
32 Corna Trentapassi, 1244m


Location: Sulzano (Martignago)      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Italy      Date: 17 June 2016
From today 18 June you can walk on the walkway of Christo.


I read today that the project is now finished and was already eagerly waiting for your first panorama impression. Seems practical to keep these bridges.
Cheers, Martin
2016/06/18 14:16 , Martin Kraus
Nice picture(s)!
Cheers, Danko.
2016/06/18 14:20 , Danko Rihter
Thanks Danko. Obviously is June. I do not have the ability to predict the future.
2016/06/18 14:41 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Thank you for the documentation of that great project. I'm curious on your report when you take a walk on it.
2016/06/18 14:53 , Werner Schelberger
Hello Werner. I do not know if I walk up there. I think so, but I'm not sure. It was expected half a million visitors, but now speak of a million. And still on the walkway may not rise at the same time more than eleven thousand people. I fear that there will always be too many people. I think the only way to really enjoy the work has to go at dawn or at night. The walkway is open 24 hours on 24. But in the opening days I have to work.
2016/06/18 15:14 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Just seen it 10 Minutes before in the TV.... Great!
2016/06/18 22:09 , Jörg Engelhardt
Stiamo a vedere se il maltempo dà un po' di tregua a questo povero Christo!
2016/06/19 23:05 , Pedrotti Alberto

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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