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1 Clusanae
2 Sarnico
3 Predore
4 Ship with piers approaching
5 Corno Buco
6 Punta Alta
7 Monte Bronzone
8 Isola di San Paolo
9 Suzano
10 Vigolo
11 Sensole
12 Monte Gremalto ?
13 Tavernola Bergamasca
14 Maraglio
15 Monte Cremona
16 Sacci Cemento
17 Monte Torrezzo
18 Madonna della Ceraiola
19 Parzanica
20 Monte Isola
21 Monte Creo
22 Pizzo Arera
23 Solto Colino
24 Cima del Fop
25 Carzano
26 Isola di Loreto
27 Monte Clemo
28 Monte Cabianca


Location: Bar Santa Maria (920 m)      by: Christoph Seger
Area: Italy      Date: 2015-05-06
From our trip to Northern Italy as an overview for this beautiful and quiet lake but of course also as a add on to the picture of Giuseppe. As usually I did not intend to go up to Santa Maria del Giogo; it just happened. Good vista point - especially now in the context of the "floating piers" project. Maybe that is the reason why the strictly one lane road has been recently refurbished.

Color management: I tried to give the picture a "fresher" look. How do you like it?

Technical stuff
Nikon D800; 09:30 MEZ
HF RAWS - since I only took my 180 mm and my 35 mm with me this pano is a three-row shot with the 180 mm lens.
RawTherapee, PTGUI, Gimp.


Herrlicher Aussichtspunk. Das kräftige Frühjahrsgrün im Vordergrund gefällt mir gut. Bei der Blausättigung könnte ich mir auch weniger vorstellen.
2016/05/16 14:26 , Friedemann Dittrich
I'm glad you've heard about the project. Many are critical of modern art, but I like it. And I think that this artistic project will have a great success.
I was only once at Bar Santa Maria, but it was cloudy and I could not see the lake. I did not think it was such an interesting viewpoint.
For the pano, I think it would be better a traditional look ;-)
2016/05/16 19:08 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Der Blickwinkel würde mich interessieren. Etwas diesig für meinen Geschmack, aber die Beschriftung ist vorbildlich.
2016/05/18 18:15 , Jörg Braukmann
Really nice vistapoint - on my watchlist! Regarding colours, I find them natural, but perhaps a little well-saturated? From my own experience, landscapes in generel and clouds in particular, will have a slight red tone in dusty conditions, so the colour style seems natural to me. In my early pano days I tended to like warm colours, but I am now tending a bit more towards a cooler style...LG Jan.
2016/05/20 21:39 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen

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Christoph Seger

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