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1 1817
2 Cerro Capicua, 1755
3 Cerro La Junta, 1696
4 1767
5 1904
6 2030
7 Cerro Trinidad, 1686
8 Cerro Gorilla, 1725
9 1879
10 2114
11 1733


Location: Subida al Cerro Arco Iris (1284 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Chile      Date: 23-05-2014
Seeing that the view of La Junta received some interest, I continue the series with a panorama shot during the ascent to Cerro Arco Iris (=rainbow). In this upper section we are surrounded by a wealth of smooth granite plaques, which sometimes need the help of some fixed rope to be overcome, also because wet stretches are rather common in this very rainy region.
I have inserted those few names on which I am reasonably confident. Consider that this it the typical place sought almost exclusively by extreme rock climbers. So, where there are climbing routes, there are also names, otherwise... there is the desert. Even the remarkable snowy summit at 182° seems to be nameless.
The mighty wall of Cerros La Junta and Capicua hides the Tronador, the 3554 m peak that from Argentina dominates the whole region. It will be visible in the 360 from the summit.
Incidentally, that wall reminds to me the Monte Cavallo in the Alpi Apuane. Curiously enough, the height (of course not the rock) is nearly the same.

15 HF, Canon G1X, 61 mm equiv, f/5.6, 1/500 sec.


Really interesting.
2016/05/10 22:26 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Too bad this beautiful region is that far away...
2016/05/11 08:38 , Jens Vischer
Jens: it is far in every sense. For example, since April 28 to May 08 in Trento we had the Film Festival, dedicated to mountain films, and this year there was a special chapter dedicated to Chile. So, in the book section I was able to spot some hard-to-find material, for example a precious book on the San Lorenzo that, so far, I had seen only on... the table of the refuge Toni Rohrer (see N.18526).
[You can also look at the material that I posted on Facebook on this topic]
But I did not find anything about the mountains depicted here.
There are indeed beautiful peaks in the "deep Patagonia", mostly isolated, but I think that the highest concentration of remarkable mountains and rocks lies here, in the middle of Chile and in the thick of the temperate rainforest.
2016/05/11 09:42 , Pedrotti Alberto
Thanks Alberto for this valuable background information about your fascinating panorama! Our earth is full of countless hidden and undiscovered beauties. You present always regularly extraordinary corners of the creation - thanks for that!!!!

Tanti saluti, Hans-Jörg
2016/05/11 09:54 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
I like the way how you present these impressive landscapes and complete it with very informative stories.
2016/05/13 18:55 , Werner Schelberger
Stunning landscape. In more accessible areas this would probably be much better known. Cheers, Martin
2016/05/15 12:09 , Martin Kraus

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Pedrotti Alberto

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