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1 Tso Kar
2 Direction Thukje, village+gompa
3 Thukje, 6050
4 Direction Pologangkar - Puga


Location: Tso Kar (4582 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: India      Date: 12-08-2015
This is to prove that the sky in Ladakh is not always blue.


Okay, you were able to prove that the sky in Ladakh is not always blue, but, for my taste, the pano is really fascinating.
2016/03/10 22:59 , Giuseppe Marzulli
So Alberto, you are one of the rare people who travel the whole world only with a bike?
2016/03/10 23:40 , Mentor Depret
How could it be, with the world's longest glaciers outside the polar regions (in the Karakorum mountains)? KR Wilfried
2016/03/11 09:50 , Wilfried Malz
I agree - really fascinating this never ending expanse of the landscape! Great inspiring panorama ...

Tanti saluti, Hans-Jörg
2016/03/11 11:58 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
2016/03/11 12:06 , Matthias Knapp
Yor were unable to provide this proof of rainy days for Patagonia (seemingly, everybody else lies about Patagonia - which is a connection to Crete) - anyhow: great pano! Cheers, Martin
2016/03/11 22:15 , Martin Kraus
Really impressive ambience! Great Alberto! Tanti saluti Seb
2016/03/12 11:17 , Sebastian Becher
An expressive panorama of a very arid landscape. By the way - cycling to over 4500 meters- you must be a Pano-Superman :-)
2016/03/12 17:52 , Werner Schelberger
Klasse Stimmung!
VG, Danko.
2016/03/12 23:50 , Danko Rihter
Pano superman?
This reminds me of an "heroic" image that I shot at Tso Kar:
Not precisely my genre, but sometimes it is needed - for example, this one is proving to be an effective cover for Ladakh slideshows!
Cheers, Alberto.
2016/03/13 16:19 , Pedrotti Alberto
Impressive scene! It looks very much like Tibet, not surprising that Ladakh is called "little Tibet".
I know how the weather can change up there within half an hour from extremely hot to clouds, strong winds and sometimes even snow. I imagine the wind is the greatest challenge for the bicyclist. In Tibet I once met a guy pushing his bike downhill! The wind was blowing so strong upwards that he couldn't stay in the saddle.
Tso Kar is actually a famous lake in Ladakh, so I am a bit surprised to see desertlike plains.
2016/04/08 23:46 , Wolfgang Schmähling

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